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Kastin Mercury thumbnail  Gender: Male
 Height: 5'11
 Created: Prior to recording
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Name: Agent Kastin Mercury; Birth name: Meulyc (mew-lik)
Age: 28 (7 in Shar’Knoc years)
Ht: 5'11"
Weight: 370lbs (bodies are much denser than humans)
Home Planet: Shar’Knoc (shar-nok), in the outskirts of the Milky Way
Race: Kredoa (kred-oh-a)
Style: Pramku (style taught to Infinity Guard agents, an amalgamation of over three hundred martial arts)

Infinity Guard: Prior to changing his name he was recruited to join the elite ranks of the Infinity Guard (an intergalactic guard federation) nine years ago, because of his resilience and brilliant strategy in drastic situations on the battlefield on his home planet. The commanding personnel of Infinity Guard are approximately 50% humans. All of the field agents are “aliens”. Humans were tested as agents early on in Earth's annexation, but failed miserably during live assignments. Humans found it difficult to adapt to alien environments, converse alien dialect, and had a significantly hard time during battle situations. Humans were simply deemed unfit for agent duties, but were praised for their diplomacy and ingenuity on modern Earth.

Civilization: Kastin is from the planet Shar’Knoc or S-71. It’s a large, industrial planet that has about twice the population of modern Earth. Kredoans are the race that first encountered ancient Egyptians and imparted with some of their technology, religion and traditions. However Kredoans stopped visiting after the Egyptian Pharaohs refused to cease their tyranny over their empire which Kredoans opposed.

Mission: Some of the Chief Commanders from Infinity Guard believe the corrupt ambience in Void is attracting certain, dangerous individuals that may threaten or compromise life on Earth. Not being able to send a human agent to Earth on account of there not being any in service, IG summoned its top elite ranking agent, Kastin Mercury, to go in and investigate recent activity in Void City. Kastin travels to Void via his space craft, Orion. Some groups are aware of the Infinity Guard and await encounters with its agents, because they are deemed to be worthy opponents. This being so, Kastin is to blend in with the locals upon arrival so as to reduce unnecessary fights.

Misc: Kastin may sometimes seem like he does things with an evil nature, but underneath it all every action he takes is for a greater good. Kastin sometime gets a slight high, because his suit can't always equalize Earth's unusually oxygen rich air correctly. This may cause him to slip up or get carried away. Even though for his current mission, Kastin was ordered not to do any unnecessary fighting, he still enjoys a good challenge.

Type: N.E.X.U.S. (Nova Elite-X Ultra Suit)
Nexus is a suit issued only to Elite Class Infinity Guard agents.
Suit equipment and capabilities:
- Holster: Holsters dwarf Daedalus when not in use. Daedalus can only be unholstered by Kastin when his finger signature is read by the button scanner. Partially exposed blade is an old Kredoan tradition.
- Detectors: Detectors on suit can detect minor elemental disturbances in its immediate area.
- Base Communicator: Transmits intelligence to Infinity Guard’s nearest outpost or to 2-way a Chief Commander. Located on right wrist.
- Suit Controls: Lets Kastin adjust suit abilities and monitor vitals. Located on left wrist.
- 2 Energy cells, on each outer thigh .Each cell can last up to 8 weeks before having to be recharged.
- Life support system: Regulates body temperature, heals minor wounds, and helps subject filter oxygen (Drains cells at 2 blocks per minute)
- Forced telekinesis: Gives Kastin great telekinesis abilities. Controls are on gloves.
- Parry shield: Reflects ballistic type attacks with an invisible force field.
- Leg enhancers: Gives Kastin the ability to do super jumps and run at hyper speed.
- Shock-capacitor: The capacitor transfers energy to agent’s weapon at a higher rate than the rest of the suit so Shock Strike capabilities can be successful. Connectors on either elbow.

Name: Daedalus
Metal type: Kharomnium (kar -am-ne-em), an alloy metal native to Shar'Knoc invented by Kredoans. Kharomnium allows the blade to retain an eternal edge. Daedalus can also cut through virtually any other material, organic or manmade and has been proven indestructible unless heated to at least 1.5 million degrees Fahrenheit.
- Blade can extend and contract (from 15cm to 65cm). Its contracted when inactive and extended when activated.
- Dummy mode: Kastin can control Daedalus from afar with his suit’s telekinesis.
- Shock-strike: When plugged into the Shock-capacitor, Daedalus can disperse incredibly strong shock-blasts of concentrated kinetic energy that sends target flying when struck. Shock Strikes have been rumored to obliterate entire cities if charged correctly. Also gives blade a yellowish glow.

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