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Zhanic Hanalei thumbnail  Gender: Male
 Height: 6'
 Created: May 16, 2019
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Race: Orc
Backstory: When Zhanic was born, it was as a set of (non-identical) triplets. He was the smallest and weakest of the three, effectively the runt. His mother, being an orc devoted to the Old Ways of honoring strength above all else, decided to abandon him, believing him too small and frail to survive anyways. Luckily, though, before the elements could consume him, he was found by a married couple. The couple, an elf and a dwarf, decided to adopt him and raise him as their own.

Zhanic grew up happy; his elf dad taught him about history, science, and combat, and his dwarf dad taught him about magic. Eventually, though, Zhanic began to get curious about his biological family. He loved his dads to bits, but he was excited at the possibility of having even more family. After doing some heavy research, he finally found a lead on some of his siblings. He followed this lead to Void City; after some tearful goodbyes to his dads, he departed for the city, in search of his long lost sibling. Whether or not he finds them, only time will tell. Of course, though, Void City is full of distractions...

Personality: Zhanic is filled to the brim with boundless energy. He is very excitable and highly enthusiastic. This, combined with his curiosity and his deep thirst for knowledge, has gotten him into quite a few bad situations. He somehow manages to find his way out of these, usually. He's highly friendly... and also highly suggestible. He doesn't have a great sense of what makes a 'bad' idea; highly impulsive, he usually goes along with even the worst plans because he's sure they'll work out fine in the end. He's also easily distracted, having difficulty focusing on one task for too long before switching to whatever new and interesting thing catches his interest.

Abilities: Physically, Zhanic's a bit of a noodle, especially for an orc. He's fast and dexterous, and fairly good at stealth, but he's only about average for strength.
Most notably, Zhanic has the ability to manifest a magic bow, complete with magic arrows. He's highly skilled with these, though obviously they only really work for longer distance battles. In close quarters, the most he can do is use his magic arrows as mini spears.
He can manifest a few different kinds of arrows; the standard magic arrow, a tripleshot arrow which splits into three separate bolts, and an elemental arrow.
Manifesting the bow doesn't take a lot of energy, but using it for extended periods of time can be exhausting for him.

Extra: Thanks to his oversized tusks (well. oversized for such a small orc), he has a hard time pronouncing 's' sounds--they usually come out as 'sh' instead. For example "so" would be pronounced "sho".

The story so far:
-Zhanic has arrived at Void City. Within his first few days, he happened on Iain MacTavish's magic shop. Iain offered Zhanic a job, and so now Zhanic works at The Elder Apothecary.

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