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 Height: 5'7 / 6'2 / 5'2
 Created: February 21, 2019
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Name: Nomad.

Species:Ascended Mongolian Wolf

Nomads a mongolian wolf, enlightened and ascended at the hands of a divine presence known as the Blue Wolf, the alleged canine ancestor of the Mongols and Djinghis Khan himself. Tasked with and testing and herding "half wolves" onto the right path, his purpose it to judge those more man than wolves. Mankinds spread and disregard for other life is a threat to the order of things and werewolves only embodiment the worst of wolf-kind and humankind alike. So now he wonders across the known world, appearing before werewolves to test their worth and to help then temper their bloodlust and reject their human greed and pettiness.

In order to get his human shape, Nomad had to eat the very heart of a freshly killed human. The transformation is not total as his scars and his eyes remain clear markers of his inhuman true self. He can shift between his wolf form, a huge mongolian wolf, his human form and a in between similar to that of a werewolf. He refer to this form as his warrior form and only really use it to combat the werewolves he is sent to test. He usually stay outside of city limits if he can, more often then not living among the local wolf population.

He is currently drawn towards Void city, as there has been an increase in werewolf activity.


Nomads faster and stronger then both the average wolf and human, and posses regenerative properties similar to the lower end of an average werewolves, meaning he has to be clever with dealing with the more powerful ones.. He is not weak to silver, nor any holy magic or similair, as he is not infact a werewolf.

Bestial Aura: Nomads not human. He is not even half human. Though he speaks like one, walks like one. He has an aura about him that intimidates and unsettles non predatory species on a basic, primal level. With werewolves and other primal predators, this comes off as big, walking "Fuck you".

Limited Telepathy; Nomad is able to speak directly into the mind of any creature bound to the moon, such as wolves and werewolves. With wolves, he can often draw upon their help and is always seen with at least 3-4 animals in his midst as a result. For Werewolves, they can simply hear and respond to his messages.

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