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Mona-Lisa thumbnail  Gender: Female
 Height: 5'2" - 6'5"
 Created: February 12, 2019
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Bio: A former actress who has developed a split personality disorder; the kind Mona and the nasty Lisa, as result of her life of negativity criticism and stress in her whole life.

--Mona is the peaceful artist, and a timid one. She wants to be left alone so "the other one" doesn't do anything bad. She keeps her ink powers to herself so she doesn't want to cause any more trouble.

--Lisa is the crazed killer, who will go off on a spree of blood and gore if she's shifted into that. If she's not, she might go into other... "activities". And go on another spree. She usually swears.

Whoever is which, their appearance changes.

Mona might wind up talking to "Lisa" sometimes. Lisa urges to take over Mona for some "Slice n' Dice". Whenever she turns into Lisa happens at random, so there's no telling how she'll turn out and back.

For now, the artist wandered to VOID City, not knowing how she got there. All she can do now is wander the world with colors she happened to hear about... along with modern stuff like "compyu-terrs" and "meeems".

Abilities & Weaknesses:
She has ink powers, and can make objects out of them. When it comes to Mona, it's either flowers, chairs or hats. But when it comes to Lisa, it's either buzz saws, axes or ranged weaponry. Like guns. If she gets badly hurt (ex. losing an arm) they can simply regenerate with ink she has in her. If they're low on ink, they have to find a source. Black ink is fine, but colors will do lesser effect. Lisa would more likely find toons for this...

-Whenever Mona paints something, it's of a memory based on when she has Lisa's persona and the person she killed.
-She can't create things like pictures or dices with ink, as the result would be a black piece of paper and a black cube.
-Whenever Mona becomes Lisa, her limbs goes even more rubberhose-like. When turned back, the limbs go back to realistic.

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