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Astroleo thumbnail  Gender: Male
 Height: 5'7"
 Created: June 30, 2018
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The human Character first!
Name: Mathieu Carver
Age: 15
Personality, ETC: While Matty is generally a good natured boy he has the tendency to be mischievous. He's gregarious and friendly, loyal to his friends and a dangerously determined when they're threatened. While he currently lacks leadership qualities he is very capable of taking care of himself, but does prefer the company of others to being alone. He has some extra talents in sleight of hand and card tricks(Using 3 card moxie to earn money anyone?) as well as other stage tricks which he quite enjoys, especially if it earns him money which he also quite enjoys.

He has an adoptive brother who is a Mage in training and has learned quite a bit about authentic magic and can probably detect it if it's being used nearby. He is capable of using simple spells provided he has all the materials, or identifying magical items/things and defending himself from it, but he really can't use magic beyond the basics.

Powers As Astroleo: He has enhanced strength, speed and agility. (think sentai level.) As well as a sword (See designs sheet.) He can summon at will. His powers are based on the energies he gets from Orion and in a pinch he can use hard light beams, but he is a very physical fighter so he usually channels this energy into his sword or project light claws with his armor which he can also use as projectiles. As Astroleo he tends to be valient and may overplay his heroic role a bit for the fun of it, and doesn't always take it seriously, but in a fight he is all action.

Age: Approximately 50,000 years old.

Size: Regular lions are about 3 foot at the shoulder, he's about five feet tall at the shoulder, so scale him accordingly. Matt is just a bit taller than but otherwise he has the same proportions.

Special properties: As he is a being made of light, he can project light, as well as control his own luminocity. If he doesn't want to glow brightly. It's much easier to see the effects of him being made of light at night time as he would have a base illumination but he can control how much he does. He can't exactly turn it off.
Species: Celestial
Bio: Orion was born from a star and lived among his kind traveling the cosmos. He, along with his family of living light was captured and used as a fuel source for an alien race before coming to earth. Once he and his fellows escaped onto the earth and learned he couldn't leave due to a mutation, he settled on earth and took the form of one of his favorite animals, the lion. It was here that he and his fellow celestials adapted to life on earth.

Personality: Living on Earth and adapting was not easy for Orion as their form of communication was vastly different from that of humans and other animals. He learned, he adapted, and he lead his people as best he could. He also fiercely defended his new home. Orion is a noble and proud creature, hoping only to maintain peace on Earth though he knows it's not always possible to do so given what the humans are and how their society works. He accepted his role as guardian for many millenia, but has since been aiming to pass his mantle down to someone born on the earth. His Champion Matt has never been the easiest boy to train or raise, but Orion has faith in him to take the power that he will ultimately receive and use it for the good of all mankind. He has imprinted somewhat with Matt's personality given their frequent fusion and has adopted some of his traits into his own, though mostly remains himself. He enjoys good humor, but is much more level headed and stern if he has to be. He is of course the adult between the two so he tries to be a good role model.

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