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Fawn Nightingale thumbnail  Gender: Female
 Height: 4'9-ish
 Created: September 25, 2017
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A 16 year old who's pretty useless at combat, and the like, she usually prefers to stay at home, with her rich parents, and her stuffed animals. She lives in a really winter-y town, and she's a common target for assassination and kidnapping attempts due to her family's wealth. This of course freaks her out, and by some miracle of nature she still isn't dead.


She's a pretty sweet and cheery, albeit unmistakably spoiled girl. She constantly tries avoiding anything dirty that could mess up her clothes, and the like. She's pretty childish, and is easy to tease, and even easier to make cry. She enjoys making friends, but sometimes she'd rather just stay huddled up with her stuffed animals, where it's safe. Despite her family's wealth being the reason for her misfortune, she seems to take pride in her family's status.

- She doesn't swear.

- She is willing to wear other clothes, but she prefers to keep pink her main color at all times, and avoids clothing with cool color schemes.

- Her parents are Marigold a rather busy lady, who makes a lot of money from her work, and Vincington, a spineless father, who people tend to call worthless when it comes to pretty much anything. She heavily values family, and she loves her parents very very much.

- Her mother is the cousin of Veronica Nightingale, making her Veronica's first cousin once removed, and the 2nd cousin of Theo.

- Her hands are always covered with either sleeves too long that they cover them completely, or by gloves without individual fingers. She never really has her hands uncovered.

- February 9th birthday

Detroit???!?!?!?!?!?! (Who the hell is this rando?)

Fawn's new... Brother? Bodyguard? ???
He's a sweet boy, who has some bizarre mannerisms, but seems to really like Fawn, to the point of being slightly clingy. It's assumed he's here to protect her, which explains the fact that he's somewhat rude to people outside of her family. Little is known about him, all that we know is he's here now so idK.

Since Cassidy vs Fawn, we learn that he's a bit of a brat. So basically nothing, you're welcome

Wispy Winter Brook:

A very snowy village that Fawn lives in. It's a popular tourist attraction, due to the peaceful and happy atmosphere that surrounds the place, besides that though, it also has a large amusement park, which can at times be particularly strange to exist in such a village. The people here seem to always be carefree and happy. Other details include the fact that this village has an abnormally large amount of bunny related things, buildings, and items. The grand majority of the actual people who live here, have bunny ears of some sort, and occasionally tourists will also don bunny ears.

The mayor of Wispy Winter Brook, is a cunning man, who seems to be successful at everything he does. He also happens to be Fawn's uncle, on her dad's side.

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