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Liz And Tsu thumbnail  Gender: Female, Male
 Height: Liz: 6'1 Tsu: 5'8
 Created: September 8, 2017
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Liz and Tsu have been living in the slums of Heck’s Gate; a city filled with the weirdest and most aggressive creatures that can find a way to make business with each other. Needless to say: their living conditions have forced them into trying to find odd jobs to just survive the day.

Liz, the character to the left, is considered a light hearted and more kind spirited person compared to her partner Tsu. She tends to treat things as if they’re normal, even if it’s the craziest things to happen to her or other people. She can be considered the muscle of the two because of her combat skills and is able to withstand plenty of damage thrown at her way. Her covered eye has the ability to gain x-ray vision, which includes being able to spot a weakness in someone’s organs or seeing through solid objects. The major downside is that the more the eye is exposed, the less control Liz has with her emotions, which in turn can create disastrous results.

Tsu, the character to the right, is considered a more down to earth and skeptical kind of person. His attitude towards Liz is being understanding but not indulging her on her cheeriness and partial insanity. He’s considered the brains of the group for his tactical knowledge to make up for his more weak fragile body covered from his bulky clothing. His tongue is not only long enough to rival a giraffe’s but has a third eye placed on it. This third eye of his has only one function: to dive deep into someone’s mind with a single glare. The major downside to this is that it uses the person’s most negative emotions to get inside someone’s head, and causes a lot of mental damage to both the victim and Tsu if not handled correctly.

Both of their ambitions and goals were at first to just live and survive day by day. But one day, they find a flyer advertising a city; Void City. Where promises of destructive mayhem with professionals waited for them. Compared to their life in Heck’s Gate, they’ll much prefer to go to Void City.

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