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Crikey Dile thumbnail Title: Best New Character 2017
 Gender: Female
 Height: 5'6
 Created: February 17, 2017
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Name: Christine 'Crikey' Dile
Age: 24
Nationality: Australian

Personality: ISTP | The Virtuoso
Rather than going with the flow, Christine fights against it in her own way, doing things beyond spontaneity while still being up to her armpits in projects. Some would call her high energy but not hyperactive, as she's constantly busy but not bouncing off the walls. She's very blunt when either irritated or defensive, and doesn't take well to outsider criticism. Because of her lack of sensitivity, she comes off harsher than she means to. While not setting out to hurt feelings, she feels no remorse for telling it how it is.

Christine grew up in a relatively normal setting. At an early age, she had been diagnosed with psoriasis. The scaly and red skin made other kids tease her and call her a crocodile, but she toughed it out and thickened her skin mentally. By the time she was out of grade school, she reveled being called Gator and Crikey. However, she still felt scorned by others and tended to be distant with most people.
Years later and now the manager of a welltodo auto parts and mechanics shop, Christine is trying her damnedest to build some kind of decent friendships that don't revolve around her job alone.

One day, an entity named Solar fled to Earth and attached itself to Christine and many other humans by splitting itself up. The merging gave Christine a powerful second form and connections to many other humans around the world. Solar pleaded for help and Christine, taking pity upon it, agreed to assist it. Chasing after it, however, was an evil entity named Lunar, and it was up to Christine and the other chosen humans to defeat the black masses it was leaving all over the world.

Irwin Dile (Father - Deceased), Olivia Dile (Mother), Cooper, Christopher, Kyle, Kimberly, and Candice Dile (Siblings)

Cooper - Despite being born sextuplets, Cooper and Crikey were born first, a minute apart, before their mother decided to take a break until midnight had passed, effectively giving the two a different birthday than their other siblings. Crikey is closest to Cooper out of all her other siblings; they seem to have a stronger bond in general.

Mol - Trash lady(?) Stole from Crikey a few times. Magical girl(?) friend

Arena (ex-girlfriend/friend) - Dated from Valentine's (Valentine's Masquerade on the H.S.C. Beowulf) to mid summer (Summer Camp Adventure 2017)

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