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Cruz thumbnail  Gender: Male
 Height: 8'8
 Created: December 31, 2016
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Cruz is a piñata. Not the kind you find in the party store, mind you. Cruz is a living piñata. His kind have existed much the same as they've done for centuries within the Sierra Madre Occidental. Naturally reclusive, they have shied away from humans for obvious reasons. Cruz lived in peace with his family and friends much as he always had, farming the land, collecting water from the rivers, and maintaining a comfortable existence in harmony with the natural world.

Until the day his home was raided by a small militia force. Piñata of all ages were torn from their homes. The village was burned and broken, the humans leaving nothing behind but a massacre. Candy littered the streets and the river ran rainbow with gumdrops. Those that weren’t slaughtered in cold blood were chained and locked away, taken from their homes.

Cruz was one of a handful who somehow escaped being taken by the militia. His family taken, his home destroyed, Cruz deviated from his village’s goal of healing and swore revenge. He began his pursuit of the monsters that tainted paradise and won’t rest until life escapes from their lips.

Like all piñatas, Cruz is full of candy. If cut, he will not bleed blood, but candy. Life in the mountains has granted him both incredible strength and dexterity. He is able to masterfully wield his club with a precision and grace that is unexpected for such a weapon. He’s also extremely fast for such a large target.

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