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Colonel Mac Samson thumbnail  Gender: Male
 Height: 5'10
 Created: September 30, 2016
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Colonel Mac Samson is a fugitive ex-army colonel who deserted his platoon for no reason. Since then, he has become a notorious swindler, using his skills to take what he wants from society and give nothing back--ever. He is often referred to as the "Hooker Fighter" due to the fact he frequently battles martial arts prostitutes whose services he never actually ended up paying for. He is currently being pursued by many independent agencies, including the U.S. military, the IRS, and an angry pimp named Bitches Rutherford.

Mac's primary goal in life is "gettin' sum' booty," and he rarely takes any action without this in mind. He is a buffoon, but extremely skilled in hand-to-hand combat. His fighting style consists of acrobatic and aerial techniques that a man of his body-type shouldn't really be capable of. He is always packing some illegally obtained, military-grade weapons, (hand-grenades, guns, rocket-launchers, combat knives, etc.) that he won't hesitate to use in a fight. His main strategy in any confrontation is simply to do everything it takes to escape. He has a habit of assuming random sexy women are hookers and attempting to solicit their services. His life philosophy is very impulsive and hedonistic, centered around instant gratification and attempts to perpetually delay consequences for as long as possible.

Mac curses in almost every sentence and has no regard for manners or socially appropriate behavior. His demeanor will remain constant whether he is talking to a man, woman, child, or senior citizen. He normally sounds like an angry Samuel L. Jackson.

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