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Gale Garland thumbnail  Gender: Female
 Height: 5' 3
 Created: August 25, 2016
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Gale Garland lived an ordinary, boring life in her small town just south of Wichita, Kansas. But when her 15th birthday rolled around she discovered that she was the latest in a line of good witches that dates back to the early 20th century. It was several weeks later that a supernatural tornado ravaged her home town, leaving Gale and her dog Ozzy flying into the outskirts of Void City. With her powers settling in, Gale now searches for a way home and the fortitude to face the storm.

Gale herself is a hardworking girl thanks to her rural upbringing. Lately her rebellious streak has popped up due to her frustration of living in the middle of nowhere. Often she puts up a sardonic exterior befitting of a stereotypical metalhead, but underneath the snark is a curious gal who's eager to explore. She's surprisingly streetwise and is aware that many underestimate her size and age.

- Classic metal, especially Black Sabbath
- Her loyal staffy Ozzy
- Exploring and meeting new people
- High Fantasy

- Tornadoes
- "Dark" Magic and evil witches
- Flying monkeys

Gale herself fights as well as a scrappy 15 year old can manage, often looking to Ozzy for protection. However, she can shift into the forms of her family's guardians. While she can summon a form at will, there are times where her emotions get the best of her and a form will randomly pop out in response. Each form grants her different abilities and amplifies a certain part of her personality:

-Scarecrow is able to summon a murder of crows to either swarm an opponent or fly her to a specific destination. She is super flexible and agile due to having no bones and could survive a fatal fall, but hits like a limp noodle. As Scarecrow, she becomes a fun loving, goofy entertainer that's easily distracted and ditzy due to having no brains. And she's one heck of dancer too. Sometimes manifests when Gale overthinks to the point of stress.

-Tinman is a solid, night-invulnerable tank that can withstand nearly any kind of force and hits back with her giant axe, but moves extremely slow as a result. As Tinman, she becomes a stalwart, stoic machine that runs on logic due to having no heart. When set on a single goal, Tinman is almost unstoppable. Can manifest due to depression or being lovestruck.

-Lion has razor sharp claws, can sprint in bursts, and has an ear-piercing roar to ward off any attackers. She's also a great big coward, which means that she'll never attack head-on or will run from danger the second it becomes overwhelming. While she can be relentless when she's on the attack, slapping her once will revert her to a nervous wreck. Despite her cowardice, Lion tends to act aggressively to avoid direct conflict and can be methodical due to her aversion to danger. Manifests when Gale's fight or flight response is triggered.

As of now Gale is still getting used to her abilities. She's aware of her shortcomings and her survivor's guilt/homesickness can get the better of her. Once she gets over her emotional hangups it's possible that her forms could gain the brains, heart, and courage they're missing, but that may take more time.

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