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 Height: 5'6
 Created: June 19, 2016
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Sex: Shi (the bug) is male and Zana (the humanoid) is female
Age: mid-late 30s
Size: Zana is 5'6", Shi stands at around 2ft at the top of his legs and his body is about the size of a football

Shizana is a police officer working for the Inter-Dimensional Police Department (IDPD). They fight crime that crosses the boundaries between different universes and dimensions. Shizana is currently trying to take down a multi-dimensional poaching and evil science organization known as ONE.


Zana's previous husband was kidnapped by an evil organization called ONE. Without a symbiotic partner, Zana would have been condemned to living off life-support in a hospital, but Shi agreed to become Zana's new partner so they could hunt down ONE together.


As separate individuals, Zana is hotheaded and rash, while Shi is shy and cautious. Together, as Shizana, their personalities combine to make a shrewd, action-oriented, but slightly socially awkward individual.

Species info:

The bug creatures, like Shi, are called "Tessik" and the humanoid creatures, like Zana, are called "Acama". When a Tessik and Acama merge, their minds become connected and their bodies become dependent on each other. Merging is also their species' sexual act, and merged individuals are considered married in their culture. However, while Shi and Zana are married, theirs is a marriage of convenience rather than a romantic relationship.

(There's more info on their design sheet as well)

Other Important info:

In early comics, Shi couldn't speak English, but I retconned it so that he can speak now. Shi and Zana never speak to each other out loud while merged. Shizana is capable of holding two simultaneous conversation, however they usually speak to people through Zana to be polite.

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