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 Height: 6FT
 Created: June 18, 2016
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Dave is depressed. He dawns the mantle of Deathwish to attempt suicide, because he can't manage to do it himself. He's got a lot of reasons to be suicidal. Lots of people would call him unlucky, but in one way he's more lucky than many: he just can't seem to die. He doesn't see it as luck, he sees it as just another part of his cursed existence, which he's unable to escape.

When he goes into a fight, he goes in to die. He'll fight anyone he can. He'll try and get his opponent angry, whatever he can to get the fight lethal. Near misses and unintended victories galore.

You might ask why he wears a mask...well he's ashamed. He's ashamed of his regular life as much as he's ashamed that his desire to die exists. His life is hiding from himself as much as those around him.

And why is he depressed? He's got an STD even though he's never gone all the way, and he doesn't want to spread it (not that he gets the chance). He's an addict, and everyday he drinks alone in the same bar, where the bartender never remembers him. He has a college degree, but always has worked retail, when he even has work. He's sometimes homeless, but mostly just behind on his rent. He's surfed couches and lost friends. People that help him either end up regretting it, or he just thinks they do. Bottom line: there's not one thing about himself he likes.

Dave always wears black t-shirts, usually featuring metal bands he likes. On bottom he wears black or blue jeans. Most of his clothes are faded and worn.

As Dearthwish he literally wears a target on his back on a red cape. He also wears a mask and replaces his band t-shirt with one that says "kill me."

Deathwish is strictly sad or angry. the only time he shows an inkling of joy is when he expects death is near.

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