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Polme & Caspian thumbnail  Gender: male
 Height: 6'5
 Created: May 30, 2016
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Polme is a six armed aberration, where he came from is a mystery but he now makes his home in Hollywood L.A. where most human residents believe he's merely an actor in a extremely detailed animatronic suit. Polme can be described as loud, irresponsible, and over affectionate towards those he likes, he expresses this often with infamous six-armed hugs which are usually uncomfortable for the recipient (hey there's only so many places you can put your hands and he's got six o' those)
Polme has a habit of collecting "souvenirs" from other supernatural or outright odd entities as himself whether they willingly oblige or not hence how polme met caspian.
caspian is an immortal who had the misfortune of popping up on polmes radar. when he didn't oblige when polme asked from a finger or toe polme had the idea to take something better than either and decapitated caspian catching him unguarded in his home, much to caspians distaste. now caspian serves as snarky, bitter companion and accessory to polme.
rather than a bloody stump and the base of caspians head there is a black void at the base, and a similar one on the stump left at the body. this is sort of a "portal" that keeps caspians head technically still attached to his body so he can breath, talk and eat despite not really needing to.

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