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Masquerade thumbnail  Gender: Female
 Height: 5'4
 Created: January 12, 2016
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Magical Girl Hunter Masquerade

Once upon a time an evil Witch threatened the world. And five girls of pure heart were chosen to fight against her. A classic sort of story. But after the final battle, no one returned except for one. Stripped of memory, name and life, she became dedicated to one goal: To eradicate the existence of magical girls and fill the Infinite Wardrobe. And so she hunts.

She's been alive for so long that she is something of an urban legend amongst Magical Girls. But if she hunts her target, no one better get in her way! She has access to the subspace pocket dimension known as the Infinite Wardrobe. And each mask contained therein represents one of her victims. For in order to steal the powers of magical girls she places a blank mask from the Wardrobe on her victim and it forcibly steals their powers. The aftereffects vary from person to person but the experience is excruciating leaving the girls maimed or worse dead.

The masks have different personalities and talk to her. Not much is known about this girl except she hasn't aged much and sometimes goes by M.

The design sheet has two examples of her most commonly used forms.

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