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 Created: October 1, 2015
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Partners in crime and lovers in bed, these two have been killing together for over a century. Their price is high because sooner or later they always kill their target. They carry twin pairs of special guns whose bullets leave ankh and gothic cross-shaped markings (for Akar and Savannah, respectively)


Akar is the son of Anubis and a human mother. Rather than given reverence, agents of the god Set poisoned the minds of the people into believing him to be an abomination and an omen of catastrophe. He was executed, mummified and imprisoned deep in a secret tomb in catacombs underneath Egypt. He was accidentally released from the dark magic bonds that kept him dead by a skirmish between two feuding vampire families, and the moment he laid eyes on Savannah, he chose his side in said skirmish. He continues his father's work: Ushering souls to the afterlife. In a manner of speaking.

To say Akar is curt is an understatement. He only ever speaks 1-3 words at a time. It's not that he's stupid or ignorant, quite the opposite, but he finds unnecessary words to be a waste of time and can generally get his point across with just a few carefully selected words. Savannah is the only creature on Earth he can listen to all day long.

Akar has the strength and durability of a demigod, making him difficult to kill and keep dead. His bandages can supernaturally move and be used to ensnare foes, and he can unleash a curse breath that riddles his opponents with ailments and decay that range anywhere from loss of senses (blindness, deafness,) sapping of strength and leprosy. Akar can choose the nature of his curse breath and who is affected by it.


Savannah was born Savannah Rae Vesely in South Carolina, over 200 years ago. When House Dracula swept through her town, she was among the few who were deemed worthy and given the chance to join their family. For the next century, Savannah Rae Dracula lived and fed among her kind, joining in their efforts against slayers, werewolves and rival families. During one such skirmish in Egypt, deep in the catacombs where a rival family nested, her life was saved by Akar, who was accidentally released from his tomb during the fray. She was smitten, and soon after left the family to travel with Akar under BLACK|WHITE.

Even after all these years Savannah is still a proud, sophisticated Southern lady. She speaks with a poetic vocabulary and a high word count. She can play innocent damsel, temptress, or witch without hesitation or misstep. She respects those with any sense of class or honor and looks down on the crass and terse, with the exception of course being her beloved Akar.

As a member of House Dracula, Savannah is immune to sunlight and excels in the art of shapeshifting and hypnosis/glamor. Being of the family most closely related to the original Nosferatu also means she can turn into a monstrous powerful vampire beast herself. She lets Akar be the vanguard of their attacks and joins in with cunning, debilitating strikes. Like many vampire families, she can't enter a person's home unless invited in. In such situations, that is what hypnosis and/or Akar are for.

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