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Buck & Bones thumbnail  Gender: Female
 Height: 185 cm
 Created: June 1, 2014
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Age: 24
Height: 185cm
Weight: 90kg
Race: Human
Hair: Greyish/Blue Mohawk
Eyes: Dark brown
Other: Body is riddled in scars, Missing tooth, Bubble boobies Dog skull tattoo and Skeleton arm
Origin: The Wasteland

+ Strength - She has a hell of an upper cut and uses raw strength and power to take down her enemies.

+ Endurance - She can travel long distances without resting, can take a beating without falling and can endure the toughest of conditions, probably because the nerve endings aren't as close to the surface... That or because she is so stupid.

+Voodoo Curse - She ate a voodoo priestesses dog who proceeded to curse her by imprinting the dogs head above a black skeleton arm on her right arm, giving it the ability to transform into a horribly oversized and gruesome skeletal arm which turned out to be less of a hindrance to her than the old priestess had thought when Bones began to pummel the old woman to death with it.

+ Animal Instincts - Raw hunting abilities, tracking, climbing, foraging, possessiveness, ability to feel things instinctively, like a coming storm or earth quake.

+ Intimidation - Her large size and booming, growling voice makes her intimidating to most. That and she sometimes just FLIPS OUT and smashes stuff like a caveman, which freaks people out a bit.

+ Smarts - She isn't the sharpest tool in the shed which means she underestimates opponents, won't think things through before acting, doesn't understand simple math, those sort of things. She can't speak too good but she can understand others when they speak.

+ Speed - Not only is her brain slow, but so is her body. Its size and weight makes her reactions slower but who needs to be fast whiny you can floor an enemy in one punch.

+ Weight - She isn't exactly stealthy, she can do her best when she gets all predator like but for the most part she is loud and bumbling. This also means she cannot stand on delicate surfaces like ice or rotten logs.

She is hot headed, brash and brutish. She is prone to fits and is a very sore loser and isn't one to settle on a fair fight. Overly cocky and confident, she often under estimates situations and opponents. She is one of the least girly women you will ever meet, but the reason guys aren't into her is probably because she beats most of them in an arm wrestle. And if she doesn't she bludgeons their head in anyway (like I said, she hates to lose)

Theme Song - My God is the Sun - Queens of the Stone Age


Age: 24
Height: 100cm
Weight: 15kg
Race: Brahma Cock
Feathers: Orange, Brown, Blue
Eyes: Red
Other: wears a spiked armoured shell, Chains, muscular manly legs.
Origin: ???

+ Speed - He is quick on his feet and can zip around like a little speed demon

+ Flight - He has the ability to jump great heights and fly short distances

+ Being a chicken - By being a chicken, people don't expect him to be so psycho

+ Fighting - His sharp claws make it easy for him to leave fatal wounds on his victims, and his sharp beak is perfect for pecking out eyes and eating hard shelled bugs.

+ Intelligent - Much smarter than his companion, he can read and analyse a situation making him a smart death machine. He breaks down his opponents abilities and attacks them accordingly! (usually just by pecking and scratching them....)

+ Reflexes - He has chicken like reflexes, making him quick to react to a threat.

+ He is a chicken - He can't vote in an election, He can't talk or write, He can't catch public transport without being in a carrier and worst of all, he has really bad bird lice.

He is tough and fearless, he won't turn down a challenge even if his opponent is larger than himself (which is often the case). He is overly confident and serious. This is a chicken that doesn't take sh*t. Being smarter than his companion he often follows along with her plans reluctantly and can be a bit of a snob at times. He also hates people ruffling his feathers, thats how people lose fingers.

Theme Song: Chicken in the Corn - Brushy One String

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