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Marz thumbnail  Gender: Male
 Height: 5'7''
 Created: February 15, 2014
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Name: Marz Barker
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 135
(Birthday: February 16th, 1997)

Back story
Marz’ home is located in Mile City and is the only son of Dr. Cain Barker, the owner and founder of Intel Specs, a facility that researches in crossbreeding and robotics. Famous for his political accomplishments and notorious for his underground dealings, Dr. Barker will go to any lengths to further his research. So when his most recent experiment is stonewalled by humanists, he has no qualms involving Marz in his obsession. When Marz, who has absolutely no interest in his father’s work and would much rather be kept in the dark about it receives a rare message from his father to meet in his office after school, Marz is both nervous and hopeful (fatherly recognition is something he’s always wanted). Though Marz’ worst fears become reality when Dr. Barker traps his son in the office with his latest experiment, explaining through the glass that Marz can now live up to their family name by becoming a part of his father’s soon-to-be legacy.

A quiet boy who was content spending Saturday afternoons marathoning TV dramas and hitting the skate park after school with his friends before his father changed his life forever. Marz is quick to avoid confrontation for both his and the other party’s sakes. Now on the run from his father’s company for fear of further testing and the humanists for fear of execution, Marz has developed what one could call a massive trust complex. Though in a normal life, albeit a tad shy, he welcomes a new face, fresh conversation, and future friendships.
Marz’ traits:
Observant (prefers to remain silent before offering a reply or making a decision; may be confused with
slow thinker or indifferent)
Lightweight (has an extreme aversion to blood and gore. Will get lightheaded and intensely nauseous at
the mere sight or smell of the substance.)
Impressionable (Willing to give people the benefit of the doubt, especially if they’re seemingly
charismatic or just a really good liar. A bad and dangerous match for his trust complex.)
Impartial (Waits to judge people’s motives based on actions instead of physical appearance. This is a
double-edged sword, since Experiment No. 9 also doesn’t act unless it feels Marz’ life is being
mortally threatened. Harm can still come to Marz even though his life isn’t in immediate
danger, and No. 9 won’t do anything.)

Experiment No. 9
Dr. Barker’s first experiment with developed awareness. After No. 9 started acting on its own, Dr. Barker wanted to continue the process by allowing it to mature the only way it seemed it could: in a living host. No. 9 burrowed its way into Marz’ right arm, hollowing it to mid-forearm to support its own form without any fear of Marz’ arm decaying, even though it’s still partially made of flesh. It has slight motor control of Marz’ right hand, but essentially Marz still has dominant control of it. Control basically comes from No. 9 flapping around, it’s dense but quick metal frame rather hard to ignore. No. 9’s basic attacks are vicious and abrupt, usually retiring the most inexperienced threats within the first few seconds. Other defenses include the ability to slice through virtually any substance, deflecting projectiles, and any other safety precautions utilized by its extremely fast reflexes (aka you usually can’t see it coming.).

Present Day
Knowing he’d be rather conspicuous remaining in the clean cut and 95% humanly inhabited Mile City, Marz found his only choice to lie low in Void City. Its humanoid and other-worldly inhabitants creates ideal cover for Marz, making it harder for his father to track him and keeps the Humanists from swarming.

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