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Gane thumbnail  Gender: Appears to be Male
 Height: 5' 4
 Created: Prior to recording
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Name: GANE
Age: Unknown, appears about 15-16
Location: Nakagari Research Institute
Height: 5' 4"
Gender: Appears male
Species: Chimera

Personality/History: Gane has an uncontrollable ability that makes his body a living weapon. Like an hungy beast it devours and assimilates organic matter. This bizarre attribute forecefully made Gane devour his mother and father, and then later his girlfriend when she kissed him for the first time. He attempted to starve himself to death, but before he perished he was taken to the Nakagari Research Institute (NRI) for scientific study. After 5 years of experiments Gane could finally control his power, and with it could copy DNA without swallowing its origin whole. He worked under the guide of Dr. Thaddeus Nakagari for special scientific sabotage and espionage ops, until he was taken away by the government. He was labeled as a "Bio-Weapon," and is kept under wraps until recently when a mysterious benefactor set him free.

Powers: Being a chimera, he can grow various alternate appendages to adapt himself to a situation, but he tries to avoid his powers as they are sometimes unpredictable. One unusual characteristic, is that his stomach has a bizarre and grotesque mouth on it.

Gane is always hungry. If he had a catchphrase it would be: "I'm hungry!" He loves to eat, and not just through his alternate stomach mouth either. He eats like normal people do except when he needs a larger dish: Kittens, puppies, people etc.

Gane has a pistol that shoots bio-stun pellets. The bullets act like a snake or spider venom, paralyzing the victim so Gane can rush in and feast.

Gane is not super-strong. He relies heavily of his combat training as well as his powers. He's agile and lithe and extremely flexible, but his punches and kicks probably wouldn't faze many trained people. Thats where the eating begins. You are what he eats, and Void city is an "All you can eat" buffet.

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