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Cross thumbnail  Gender: Male
 Height: 6'0
 Created: Prior to recording
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name: Cross, Jackson Aaron (Jack)

Race: White

date of birth: 2135 AD

Place of birth: Caprietta City, Salvas

Age: 23

fighting style: Combination of all major styles predating the Geneto Wars.


weight: 176

powers: Divine, angelic powers. Ability to control, collect, alter, and discharge energy. And a large array of gadgets and devices from the future.

weakness: He is only learning of his abilities now. They come and go in flashbacks and rage. He is still human, until the power takes over and he becomes a being with the power and abilities second only to divine.

Occupation: Trade Runner (Professional blockade runners hired to haul cargo across the vast, dangerous, and pirate infested space routes in the known galaxy); He hitched a ride on the "Strong Arm"(A 600ft long transport/ assault ship constructed from a highly modified mech assualt carrier dating from the UEF Campaign of the late Geneto Wars; Salvaged from the ocean on Salvas and captained by his friend Enzo "The Mad Merchant" Evans)

Weapons of Choice:

2x 9mm Break Barrel Pistols that eject out from his sleeves and can be retracted for conceilment.

Blitz: Highly modified mech (interceptor class/ "Sky Sniper") dating from the UEF campaign of the late Geneto Wars; Salvaged from the ices of Europa, Jupiter.

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