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Miyajima Minori thumbnail  Gender: Female
 Height: 165cm
 Created: April 20, 2013
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Name: Miyajima Minori
Age: 28
Height: 165cm
Occupation: To be confirmed, but currently a Chief Prosecutor

Miyajima Minori came from a certain highly advanced city built atop certain artificial island. From a particular period in time on the said island, certain residents have developed abilities as a result of a mutation of sorts. But that is another story. All you have to know is Minori was one of them.

Despite many an Esper-related incident, she has managed to live comparatively normal life and earned her lawyer's license. Seeing as Void has a much higher demand for lawyers, she decided to move to Void.

Things changed, however, after two things occurred. The Meteor incident and one Veronica Nightingale approaching her. She needed people of law and was going to raise what appears to be a safe haven. Deal was struck.

For a while, she was posted to the Vanity district as Chief District Administrator under Lady Vanity.

Things have changed, as a certain incident occurred during an incident known as "The Long Night", that left her hospitalized in a coma for a year. It was unclear what had happened.

After awakening and going through rehabilitation, she is back. And much has changed around her.

Ability - Minori's first ability is [Perception], a biologically developed ability to percieve and process sensory information on a level beyond average humans. To her, the unconsious and concious are one and the same. However, after taking in a portion of a certain cosmic entity, this ability has been altered, giving her the ability to percieve the inner concepts of things and beings both spiritual and emotional. She now wears a visor as a limitor of sorts by seeing the world as is from a digital lens.

Her second ability is to [Broadcast] perceptionary information. However, her encounter with a certain cosmic entity has also distorted this ability. Due to her newly attained level of perception, her new projections are no longer realistic by worldly standards and its nature is hard to discern, but it currently appears to affect reality on a physical, mental and spiritual level. It is also currently wild and untamed, and usage of it puts an immense mental strain on Minori.

As of now, Minori seems to have developed one aspect of projection that does not put a strain on her mentally:

- The Chains of Burden: a manifestation formed from the mutual understanding between her and her husband, Tezuka Koichi, and his burden of caring for her through her year in coma. These chains bind a target the more the target feels burdened by a set of circumstances. Minori may also use these chains to bind a person who shares a strong bond with her to her, effectively summoning them by dragging them through spacetime.

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