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Raygun thumbnail  Gender: Male
 Height: 6'1
 Created: March 28, 2013
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Raymond Reagan, AKA "Raygun" is a professional hunter of large monsters, or "kaiju". While he also hunts smaller non-humans ("bogeys") he prefers to hunt kaiju because people are more likely to pay him for their elimination. Though his athletic prowess makes him pretty tough unarmed, he mainly relies on his hot-pink twin rayguns, which are gifts from mysterious scientists from the future (at least, as far as Ray can remember).

Ray can be a real dick. He's fairly prejudiced against non-humans, including robots, aliens, and half-human-hybrids. He wouldn't hesitate to kill a non-human if they seemed at all dangerous. There is absolutely nothing he loves more than killing rampaging monsters, and sometimes that's all he focuses on, to the detriment of innocent bystanders and public property. When he sees innocents in danger he does his best to save them as long as he's not engaging a target.

The rayguns fire beams of orange heat and light to which Ray appears to be immune. The beams can burn through most known substances. Recent Geiger tests confirm that the rayguns also emit low level radiation.

SCAR UPDATE: Ray has been brutally maimed by some of the kaiju he's faced. The Moon Monster known as Somadis didn't crush Ray, but it still managed to poke Ray's eye out. Now Ray sports a fashionably badass eyepatch. In a scrap with a squidlike kaiju Ray lost his left arm, which has since been replaced with a cybernetic prosthesis.

ABOUT THAT ROBO-ARM: Ray's robo-arm holds many secrets. His shoulder-shield can sprout eight spikes to increase his close-quarters defense. Small cutting tools are concealed within his bicep, and his forearm can unleash a two-and-a-half-foot long mini-scythe. His fingertips can transform into razor-sharp blades. Lastly, when holding one of his guns in his robo-arm, the lock-on feature makes it impossible to disarm him without severing the entire robo-apparatus.

Ray suspects the robo-arm was designed by the same future scientists who gave him the rayguns (if such individuals actually exist).

RECENTLY: Ray has formed a team of "heroes" willing to fight Void Cities enemies for a paycheck. The team first consisted of Gargonne & AEGIS, Meteora the Phoenix, Agent Rachel Red, and a member of the Special Friend Corps, with Miller and Wizzie Belles soon to join.

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