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 Height: D: 1,80 K: 1,75
 Created: March 30, 2012
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Known only by their nicknames, Dash and Kimera, both 20 years old, carry out investigations and missions of all kinds as a service "bounty hunter" in wich they do works for bigs corporations and people who are willing to pay the impressive charges for their brillant services. They are childhood friends, although both have to be separated when they were 12 years because of the "technological revolution", wich was initiated by "S.I.D. Corporations" and was known as "the begining of the end of the world" for its high levels of consequences and the sacrifices that must be done to make this "progress"
Dash've lost his parents after being separated from Kimera because they have contracted a fulminant ill cause by the big contamination of the area where they were. He is very arrogant, and has a great initiative, is hyperactive and irritating with complex of leader and a dangerous but very useful mania for firearms, a fight expert who likes to show his strength and constantly face risky situations.
Kimera for its part, isn't very different from his friend, but is a little more quiet, calculating and suspicious, who loves play with the luck betting based on porcentages of the various possibilities that arise from the solution of the problems. Is a computer obsessed (wich doesn't like to Dash) and a genious when it comes to making plans. has a grat talent for dressing up for infiltrations.
About S.I.D., was olways best known for being gangster that for its important role on the stock exchanges, and "Catch Me If You Can", how is called the team comformed by Dash and Kimera.

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