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 Height: 6'2''
 Created: March 28, 2012
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Starker is an alternate Void universe guy. I always loved that Void City isn't actually the enforced canon for how to treat the occupied space of these characters, and thus I am reimagining the Voidverse as a space opera. However, this doesn't mean you can't use him in Void City storylines; given how full of depravity and grudges Void is, I'm sure it'd be a favorite earth haunt for him. Anyway, on with the bio 'n' shit.

Personality & History:

Shane Starker is the guy you want to be nearby when you have a problem, and the guy you fear most when you ARE the problem.

Somewhere in his early to mid thirties, his entire life has been battle in some form or another. From being taught to fight and hunt on a backwater colony world by his old man, to his eventual time in various galactic military forces and special forces groups, he has mastered the art of killing a hundred times over, and can do it in a multitude of ways. A master of weaponry, devastating hand to hand combatant (one of the absolute best), and seasoned tactician -- he is all of these things, but not one of them is his strength. Starker succeeds where others fail because he lacks any kind of human hesitation in his actions. He moves through the most grisly of situations with icy calm and robotic, synchronized cadence.

Starker now travels the plotted universe in his shuttle, avoiding old grudges and finding new ones he can make some money off of. He wouldn't take kindly to the designation of a mercenary; he considers himself a top drawer problem solver. When he is not working, Starker is looking for more work. He works toward and lives for nothing. Just currency, all the lavish things he can enjoy with this currency, and maybe a good fight. If you can provide these things in ample supply, he will work for you. No questions asked.

Savvy folks know not to call him Shane, because no one does. Starker isn't a first-name-basis kind of guy. In a given week, he has more conversations with his shuttle's A.I. program -- "Vela" -- than all the people he encounters put together.

TLDR: Nihilistic, violent psychopath and kind of an asshole in general. Wanna know more? Hit me up on AIM at FrozenFarce

Weaponry & Tech: (apologies, this will be longwinded as all hell, but it's necessary info)

Starker's weaponry and gizmos vary greatly and thus require a bit of elaboration for the finer details. He will equip himself however needed for any mission, and so any additions that make sense to you are fine by me. However, there are mainstays to his equipment. Apologies for the long-ness. It really was necessary, heh.

The Suit - A very complex and HORRENDOUSLY expensive combination of synthesized polymers and nanotechnology, with some specially blended armor plating in some key areas to enhance striking force, increase protection of vitals, and conceal weaponry (particularly his knives). The suit itself is designed to absorb energy. Kinetic energy, thermal energy, whatever. It takes this stuff on and converts it into usable energy in its power core. Tactically-located ventilation points are scattered across the suit, which release excess energy, or any energy that cannot be recycled, as steam. Don't be near one of those! The suit will not protect Starker from an atom bomb, but it does the trick for helping him stand up to and best superhumans.

His belt also hides, beneath a catch, what I have lazily dubbed "The Button". This draws all the currently stored energy from the core and distributes it throughout the suit's molecular fabric, allowing him to dramatically increase his exertion force. This does NOT take the form of superstrength, per se. He still can't lift a truck, for example, but he could sure as hell kick the thing at you.

Various sharp pointy things - Throwing knives, standard combat knives of varying sorts, and a ulak. Nasty stuff. Don't make him get one out.

Gauntlets - These house not only many of his knives, but canisters that can be filled with just about any kind of vapor, and aerosol devices to spray them. Flamethrower, pepperspray, whatever.

Pulse gun - His hand cannon. This charges off of the suit like a battery. Insert capsules into the chamber and spin it to vent all air and create a vacuum. The vacuum is then filled with the the concentrated energy, which is then fired as a blast. Pellet is disintegrated by the blast, spin gun to reload, and so on. Gun holds five capsules. It cannot be removed from his back by anyone but himself, because the gun is programmed to disengage from its mount only if someone matching his heartbeat puts their hand on it. He is also immune to most magnets, as is the gun; the mount and gun vibrate at their own frequency.

Grenades - Four shells that clamp onto the belt and charge off the suit. Work almost exactly like the pulse gun. Press the button, toss it, be far the fuck away before long. Because the grenades simply release the pulse, like the pulse gun, they are not destroyed by the blast and can be recovered and reused. This means no shrapnel, but the concussive force will liquefy your bones if you're close.

HUD - Holographic interface one of his gauntlets. Connects to his shuttle's computers and Vela by an encrypted transmission, allows him to pull information out of his database at will. The helmet also has a HUD, radio transceiver, and various other minor goodies he doesn't use much because he hates wearing it.

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