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Nyasuu thumbnail  Gender: Female
 Height: 5'5
 Created: March 21, 2012
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Some information about her:

Nyasuu is a Catfolk living in VoidCity. She grew up in Void City's woodlands with her parents but hasn't had the heart to return. She has issues with her temper, but she manages. For the most part, she's rather civil, and just wants to feel accepted. Sometimes she feels rather lonely, and often debates how she feels about some day returning home. Jimmy boom has been gone for years and she has since dropped out of the Avant Guardians. She is also very sensitive and mature. A bit of a goofball when she gets to know someone. Recently she has become distrustful of society. She dated Miller briefly but due to issues with him restraining himself and revealing his truth to her, he rescinded her memories and broke up with her instead. She is reluctant to help people and is in a dark place. She's been considering moving back in with her parents now that she's homeless again.

Nyasuu has been possessed by the catfolk goddess, Tiga. Her mother frantically tries to save her as nyasuu gets into all kinds of trouble under Tiga's influence. As tiga she killed miller and hurt charlotte gray during a valentines party on karrins ship.

Scar: Pulmonary Contusion (lung bruise) which caused her to cough up blood, and wheezes when out of breath or in certain body positions caused by charlotte gray in their first encounter.

Born November 14 1992.
Likes seafood, mornings, and games.

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