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Kete Harper thumbnail  Gender: Female
 Height: 5'3
 Created: March 17, 2012
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Kete is a woman traveling the world alone. She is no fighter, and no smooth talker, but she certainly is adventurous. In her travels, she came across the Umbra Umbrella (which also happens to be umber, too ^-^), which, when opened, turns anything it touches completely silhouetted, i.e. perfectly black from head to toe. The purpose and history of the Umbra Umbrella are unknown, but Kete is certainly curious to find out.

Personality: She's normally very bubbly and happy. She can be dead serious when she needs to be, though. Often times she believes she is better than other people, in skill, knowledge, and otherwise. She is quite determined, and very headstrong.

Umbrella Power: the power works kinda like if the space Kete and her umbrella occupied became void. Think of it like a Photoshop image, and Kete and the umbrella were cropped out of the image. So in that regards, when that happens, stuff would not be able to hit her, like rocks, or bullets, etc. And it only happens when the umbrella is open, and Kete is holding it. Hope that helps!

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