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 Height: short and tall
 Created: March 12, 2012
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Gwen and Regi are best friends. They met a few years ago and began fighting crime together. Their fighting style involves a lot of spontaneous cooperation, but they don't do so well on their own.

Gwen is fourteen years old and is a witch. Gwen's grandmother wanted for Gwen to use her magic to be traditionally evil, but Gwen thought using her powers to fight crime seemed more fun. She does have some evil tendencies, and is still learning her powers.
Since the witch gene skips a generation (or whatever) Gwen's parents are a little scared of her and try to keep out of her way. Gwen doesn't really mind.
Gwen's hat is actually an immortal, magical, shapeshifting cat named White Malkin, but Gwen calls him Paul. White Malkin can change into a variety of small animals or objects, and stays on Gwen's head as a hat while she's out witching.

Regi is a prototype transforming robot being developed to police the city. Regi always strives to perform his job of stopping criminals well, but often makes mistakes due to his incomplete understanding of human nature.
Regi is actually REGI V, the fifth in a line of prototype robots. Regi's mom created the first Regi as her final in robotics at college, and the later versions were all unfit for crime fighting in some way. REGI V is currently field testing and needs to keep his quota up to avoid becoming obsolete.
Regi is waterproof, but his brothers Regis I-IV aren't. Because of this, he has a learned irrational fear of water.

Gwen and Regi in VOID:
Vs. Toro Joe: G&R attempted to give TJ traffic tickets and fought him when he resisted. In the end, Gwen developed a crush on TJ and he used Regi's head to make a fresh spaghetti dinner, which Regi is still sour about to this day.
Vs. Ivan Reinhardt: G&R met IR and arrested him after uncovering that he was a drug dealer.
Vs. Xia: G&R met Xia and attempted to apprehend her when they found she had been stealing wallets. Xia unleashed a new magical attack and cracked Regi's visor. Regi also developed a crush on Xia around this time for some reason...
Vs. Roy: As Gwen led Regi back home for repairs to his visor, they chanced upon Roy in his cockroach form. Thinking he was just gross bug, they tried to stop him but he escaped into the sewer. Later that night, Gwen and Regi put a parking ticket onto Roy's illegally parked exterminator van.
Vs. Ancelin: G&R chance upon a group fighting illegally and catch Ancelin. Ancelin does them some favors to avoid prosecution; she takes candid pictures of Toro Joe for Gwen, and kisses Xia as a message from Regi.
Vs. Elle (Wacky Races): As G&R race, they anger Elle. Elle overloads her vehicle, which explodes and knocks her out of the race.
Vs. Ancelin/Bill (Wacky Races): A bunch of wacky stuff happens, and Ancelin pulls ahead of G&R after they avoid attacks from a third party.
Vs. Cue: Cue and the rest of Murphy's Law attempt to rob a bank and G&R protect it in the Avant Guardian's stead. They hold off all the members until they are defeated by Cue, who is too small to get the gold in the end anyway. As revenge, Cue ruins a date that Xia and Regi have at a later time.
Vs. Tsumi: G&R fight Tsumi in the rain, and she gets arrested for assaulting an officer.
Vs. Ms. Clean: Later that day, Regi responds to a call for help that turns out to be a trap set by Ms. Clean. Luckily, Gwen uses magic to find Regi and saves him and leaves Ms. Clean to clean up the mess.
Vs. Toro Joe and Heimie (Tag Team Tournament): Read all of TJ and Heimie's Tag Team Tournament matches, seriously.
Vs. Merrik Sanderson: Merrik comes from the future to cosplay as Regi, and ends up meeting Gwen.
Vs. Cecilia Demeas: G&R stop an illegal fight involving CD in Xia's undercity. Regi 'restrains' and arrests CD after she attacks Xia.
(Scarmageddon) G&R are trapped with the other characters somewhere. When Gwen tries to remove the bomb strapped to Regi's chest, it explodes. Regi now has a hole in his chest, and Gwen became mostly blind!
Vs. Hakase and Kuno: (Robot Valentines) Regi is infatuated with Kuno and attempts to learn martial arts to impress her.
Vs. Hugen Das: Gwen meets HD between dimensions, and leads him back to void city.
Vs. Xia: (Christmas is VOID) G&R thwart Xia's plans to kidnap Santa.
Vs. Killjoy: Killjoy scars himself to get away from G&R.
Vs. Lesdai Grahl: Gwen, Boom and Lilyfeather accidently summon LG.

More to come!!

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