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Houma thumbnail  Gender: Female
 Height: 5'4
 Created: January 22, 2012
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Houma's original form is a Carbuncle, a mirror creature. While she is generally amiable and easy to approach, she does reflect other people's disposition without realizing it. Adventurous and curious, she is often finding herself in the midst of trouble and chaos without knowing quite how she got there, though she also has a knack for mysteriously finding her way out of harm's way (she attributes this to the mystical properties of her gem).

The gem on her forehead burns like an ignited coal does when reflecting the sun. This color dulls when she is not within the sun's light, however, it does remain a rich, red color. Her hair is a conglomeration of colors, primarily those of the cooler scale (greens, blues, and purples), though they can also reach into the pastels of said colors. Her wings or reminiscent of phoenix wings, a orange color with yellows and reds mixed in.

When Houma fights, she doesn't use a physical fighting style. She uses her gems to reflect sunlight to focus seething hot beams on her opponent, or moonlight to pierce through many forms of protection. If she is not on the offensive, and is rather trying to find a way out of the situation, she can concentrate light within her gem and create a "flash" effect, turning the world into a bright red for a few moments. If forced into a hand-to-hand fight, the gems on her ankle adornments will become a heat comparable to the sun itself and she will attempt to strike opponents with her feet.

As far as protection goes, Houma's carbuncle provides plenty of defense. Barriers can be formed to protect from both magical and physical assaults, though it can only take so much damage before falling and having to recharge. Her gem also protects her from a myriad of different poisons and from dying of old age, but many natural causes affect her just as they would anyone else. She is particularly vulnerable to extreme colds, and acts as though a cold-blooded being would in cold temperatures.

Miscellaneous abilities include the ability to fly, using the moon and sun's reflections to enhance her sight through use of reflections, and transporting though "rifts" she can create by the mystical properties of her gem.


If Houma's gem is cracked, or damaged in any way, the world in the immediate vicinity (~1 mile radius) "cracks," or glitches in such a way that it has the appearance of a broken mirror. The color of this area drains, and the black and white inverts on each other. This is when the "true" form of the Carbuncle appears, though each account is different from the other on what this entails. The consensus is that whatever a Carbuncle is, it has a great, very many teeth, and a great many ruby-colored eyes.

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