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Dreadnought thumbnail  Gender: Male
 Height: 15' when standing
 Created: July 20, 2010
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Name: Dreadnought (Feral/Humanoid)
Length: 25'-26'
Height: 8' on all fours, 15' when standing/7'2"
Weight: 2800 lbs/372 lbs
Gender: Presumably Male
Species: Behemoth


Dreadnought came into VOID via a summoning ritual conducted by the Cult of the Dreadnought, a small group of about 20 followers (15 acolytes, 5 apostles that 'run' it) that revere the behemoth as a god. Dread is currently kept in a warehouse under mind control by the apostles. The apostles must remain within 100 feet of Dreadnought for the mind control to stay in effect. Otherwise control will be lost, causing all sorts of havoc to be raised.

The cult SEEMINGLY seeks to use the Dreadnought as a means of religious redemption, though it is unclear if it is their true motive at the moment.

Dreadnought hails from an ancient species of behemoths--large, powerful beasts with magical properties, who are able to shift between human and beast form. He was captured several hundred years ago and held in captivity by being transformed into a stone statue. Unable to move.


In his feral form, Dreadnought cannot speak. He can only communicate through growls, snarls, roars and any other animal noises. He relies on his fierce instincts and focuses on one thing only-- survival. He will continue to fight until his opponent is incapacitated. He will rarely fight beyond that (scar matches are OK, death are not haha).

In his humanoid form Dread is cynical and more of the silent type. He is the observer type. Since his "freedom" from the cult, he is trying to understand modern society, as it has changed since he was last conscious. His english is broken and fragmented. He can form weak sentences and often omits articles and is pretty bad with verbs. He is by no means unintelligent, just not familiar with the English language.


In his first match with Veronica Roch, the young assassin was able to slay the cult at HQ. With the cult eliminated, (seemingly!) Dreadnought is free to roam. Through the magical properties of behemoths, he is able to assume a more human-anthro-ish form. Typically behemoths can go full human, but due to the side effects of the mind control the cult had on him, he can only assume this semi-anthro form. He can still access his feral form, but it's sporadic and not very frequent. It's unknown to Dread how to tap into this form.

---Combat Abilities---

In feral form Dreadnought uses his body as a weapon. He will swing his massive tail or use it as a whip. He will also claw with his large front legs, slam with his big vhest or bite with is sharp teeth. Anything a primal beast would use in combat--he probably would.

He can stand on his hind legs for very brief periods of time, but he cannot walk for very long.

In humanoid form, he still relies on his brute force and body, but this time it's usually his fists or even his tail.

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