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Pico thumbnail  Gender: M
 Height: 4'3"
 Created: June 30, 2010
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have fun with his powers, they aren't just set to PUNCH AND CUT kind of dealies. Pico only really understands about 20% of the amazing shit his scarf does, so have a blast!

can jump REALLY HIGH

super strength, incredible versatility (though he often risks further injury by being a stubborn butt in battle)

in terms of super strength, think of it as insect proportions; like how proportionally if an ant were to be human sized, they could lift trucks and shit like that. Pico's a cricket humanoid and everything, but the ant thing makes sense LOOK SHUT UP JUST GO WITH IT

as a cricket he has naturally strong legs, so super speed and super high jumping is available to him

scarf gives him a faster healing and recuperating ability

if he loses the scarf he stays the way he is, he just loses the benefits of having the scarf on him and has to heal at a normal rate. With the scarf, a broken arm will heal in about 4-6 days, heavier damage will be two weeks or so

He got the scarf from a mysterious man of scientific intent. His only interaction thus far is at the start of this man's experiment, which essentially turned Pico into what he is. There is another incident that occurred with the two of them that happened roughly a year before Pico came to Void city, but that's a tale for another time...


Pico is the kind of guy who would rather make friends than anything. Though his friendliness shouldn't be mistaken for weakness, he'll be ready to throw down if he's being threatened or anyone he cares about is threatened.

It takes a lot to keep Pico down when he's determined, and gets easily hotblooded when in the midst of a battle. When he's in battle he can be pretty quick to adapt and find ideas, and when put in a corner he can often get desperate and fight his way through as best as he can, either defeating the opponent or exhausting himself.

The only true way to keep Pico down is to ensure he's unconscious, because otherwise he'll still keep fighting

He would rather pal around and whatever around Void City, though! He's got a sort of a Naivete about him that's childlike in a sense that he can be stupidly impulsive at times and can sometimes blurt out whats on his mind

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