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Cole Thistlethorn thumbnail  Gender: Male
 Height: 2ft 3in
 Created: January 27, 2010
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Cole is a little magician with a secret. He's actually a wizard hiding in plain sight, his cane being his wand. It can also be used to cast spells or as A BIG STICK TO WHACK PEOPLE.

Cole grew up under the care of his father who taught him the way of wizards but unfortunately his father died testing a new spell. Now alone, Cole had to learn to fend and learn for himself. Being clever he did himself well picking up a job at a joke shop and picked up a number of 'magic' tricks. Soon he became the talk of the town with his daring stunts but then learned of a powerful wizard in a city named Void. He traveled to this city doing shows and tricks along the way hoping to meet up with the old Wizard but when Cole finally found him the Wizard told him to screw off. Disheartened Cole decided to enter the tournament vowing that if he won he would seek out the old Wizard again with a bit more to his name.

Extra: Cole is a Caracal, a species of cat that is amazing at jumping

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Intro Story

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Egg Jelly Jam Paste
Egg Dealer

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