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A former member of the provincial guard of a small provincial village, Calypso Sting fell asleep in a café while supposedly guarding a traveling poet. After four hours of particularly bad poetry, the single remaining audience member, cranked up on espresso and clove cigarettes, flew into an uncontrollable frenzy and beat the poet unconscious, using the corner of a heavy book. The stranger then fled, before Calypso could rouse herself.

Discharged from the guard and hounded by a sense of guilt, Calypso has tracked the assailant to Void City. She knows that he is small, stocky, and bearded, but nothing more. She hopes to make contacts and a little cash as a fighter in void city, and to hone her skills so that she can avenge the poet (who now has a lazy eye and a stutter). Perhaps, given the assailant’s penchant for violence, she will meet him in the field of battle.

Calypso is a student of Hwarang Do, and seeks to become a master of all weapons ancient and improvised. She typically carries an assortment of knives, darts, and shuriken, and will arm herself with larger weapons for “big jobs”. Because Hwarang Do focuses on armed combat, she is not very effective in unarmed combat (this is where the “improvised” weapons become useful). She is also meditating and slowly learning to focus her chi to manifest as a weapon in times of need, but this skill is still in its infancy. Overall, Calypso is a novice combatant, but her resilience, naiveté, and gift for improvisation under duress should all serve her well in the violent streets of Void City.

Age: 17
Height: 5'4"
Weight: unknown
Hair: Changes depending on her hairdresser's mood.
Eyes: Green

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