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Dood thumbnail  Gender: Male
 Height: 200cm
 Created: January 20, 2010
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Dood is a professional assassin, one of the best of a certain organization specialized in dirty and messy jobs (they're easier to cover as acts of random violence as opposed to planned assassinations). He was hired to kill a certain someone who also happens to be a potent killer and who joined the SDT, as such, Dood joins the SDT so he can kill his target without any effort to cover the whole thing up.

Dood has super strength as well as resistance. He's also highly skilled in boxing and in the use of weapons (he has a personal preference for white weapons, especially blunt ones) and more often than not prefers to use whatever he has at hand as opposed to carrying his own weapon.

His style is pretty straight forward and messy, as he usually charges his victim from the front and overpowers him/her. Despite this, he is a professional first and foremost, so if needed to, he will use firearms and traps. He also has a personal habit that he tells his victim exactly how he plans to kill him/her and if he/her can prevent the finishing blow he/she is free to go…but that never happened.

Since he is a well known and famous killer, he covers his signature scar with a band-aid, which surprisingly is enough to conceal his identity, he also makes use of a cover identity of Dude, the insurance salesman. Worth noticing is that when he's "Dude" he wears any color of suit and tie, except for black and yellow, respectively, while as "Dood" he wears only black suit with yellow tie, which he always use under Dude's clothing.

He is also addicted to cupcakes.

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