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Billy  thumbnail  Gender: Male
 Height: 3ft
 Created: January 14, 2010
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Waking up one morning in Void City "Billy" knew immediately that he was in trouble. He had a sense for these things. The day before he was on his home planet, or dimension- who knows where Void is in relation to his home - a forest world filled with terrible creatures built for killing. So "Billy" is no stranger to danger and can handle himself. Still, though, he couldn't help but wonder what dragged him to this city... how he came to be here... and what this danger - this tournament- that he seemed to be stuck in the middle of really was. Maybe if he follows the leads as they present themselves he'll be able to find a way home or at least a few good meals as long as he's stuck here.

Seeking to blend in the young creature took on a generic name. Tom didn't suit him. Neither did Dick, or Harry... but Billy... Billy was a name he liked. His true name- a howl and a shriek- are too hard to pronounce in the western language that dominates the city he's in now.
"Billy" also managed to find a hat and vest that he is now quite fond of. He doesn't always wear them for he is, on the inside, an animal and prefers to be naked and free... but he is often seen in the hat, which he has taken a liking to. For some reason it, above all things and against all odds, seems to survive the worst encounters.

"Billy" is highly intelligent, often kind and sometimes innocent and childlike. But he is, above all else, a predator who when hungry will eat almost anything without discrimination and when threatened will definitely fight anything that challenges him. Though he walks on his hind legs in imitation of many of the denizens of the city he can often be found padding around on all fours, naked, when no one is watching.

Powers and Abilities:
The race of creatures that "Billy" comes from are extremely malleable to the point of nearly being shape shifters. This not only allows them to hide many of their offensive and defensive attributes until they need them but allows them to flatten themselves enough to squeeze under a door or hide, if need be.

"Billy" has a prehensile tail.

Intelligence: Billy can currently speak his native language and English, the latter of which he learned by listening to people speak in the city. Billy has the intelligence of a very cunning animal but when it comes to languages he can learn them in a short period of time (about an hour).

Sixth Sense: Like most animals, "Billy" has an uncanny ability to sense danger- not just attacks from behind but also the intent of those around him or even changes in weather. This sense is strong enough that he senses the danger of the tournament long before he knows what it actually is.

Healing: "Billy" can actually regrow lost limbs (or wings) if need be, HOWEVER it would take at least 8 hours to do so, during which time he will need to feed for strength and then rest.

"Billy" is extremely agile and well versed in battle tactics.

"Billy" has a heightened sense of smell/sight/hearing/taste

"Billy" can reach a top speed of 90km/h on all fours- he can only maintain this speed for about a minute.

Flight: "Billy" has wings for flying which he produces from his back when he feels the need to.

Offense - "Billy" has large claws which he can unfurl from his hands or feet as well as razor sharp teeth. The edges of his wings are also very sharp.

Defense - "Billy's" back can harden into black and green rock hard scales. The scales, like any other part of his body, can heal when damaged if given time. His underside will still be soft after this process though so he often rolls himself into a ball to protect his underside.
Note: by moving at high speeds and then rolling into a ball this hard outer shell can be used offensively as well.

When enraged "Billy" may choose to stand to his full height and adjust his bone structure to make it optimal for battle- the main change being the direction the knees on his hind legs bend.

Height: 3ft when standing on hind legs (max height 6ft from wing tip to bottom of feet, standing)
Eyes: Dark and cold.... like a doll's eyes.
Gender: Male
Hair: None.
Scales: Translucent milky white with a blue and purple shimmer. (Black with a green shimmer when hardened)

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