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Dark Crusader thumbnail  Gender: male
 Height: 6'1"
 Created: December 3, 2009
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Alexander Bagdomagus was born into a wealthy family built upon the backs of the citizens of Void. His father was a wealthy real estate mogul who also controlled vast portions of the Void underworld. As a child, Alexander was ignored by his father and was harshly disciplined by his demanding mother. To escape his family, Bagdomagus joined the military and was involved in several black-ops groups; however, he was discharged because of his counter authoritative nature. Seeking the adrenaline rush and power he previously had found in the military, Bagdomagus sought employment as a mercenary in South and Central America. He quickly grew a reputation and a client list due to his outrageous approach and fearless nature. Clients and victims dubbed Bagdomagus the “Dark Crusader” because of his fanaticism and bloodthirsty reputation. Bagdomagus’ final mission found him pursuing renegades through a cave network in Southern Argentina. He claims that during this mission he discovered a hidden temple dedicated to an unnamed deity. Bagdomagus further asserts that this mysterious god-like presence bestowed him with special powers and a holy mission. Accompanied by his ward, Pablo Bueno Madero, Bagdomagus wages war on the underworld. He possesses abnormal strength and is master of multiple fighting styles. Alexander also is familiar with most styles of weaponry and is often “generous’ in their use.

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