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String Puller thumbnail  Gender: Male
 Height: 5' 8" / 1.78m
 Created: June 22, 2009
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Name: String Puller
Nickname: SP
Application number: 9315557389

Interviewee: (undisclosed)
Interview date: 14 August 20xx

VOID ID: 6628473883
Known alias: Peter Strings
Weight/Height: N/A / 5’ 8”
Known weapon(s): steel wire
Desired living quarter: N/A
Distinguishing features: Mask, quiet, usage of sign language and body language

Applicant’s information:

• Have no parents. Living most of his life at the Radillo Puppetry Academy dormitory. Moved out and searched for a place to stay after withdrawing from the academy.
• Believes himself to be devoted student to the art of puppetry, he wishes to find a job at a local toy store, if not entertaining the masses with his skill when the chance is available.
• Always has his mask on and is never been seen without it. However he refuses to disclose the reason why.
• Has never been seen speaking or showing any skill in verbal communication. Insists that he has a problem with his vocal cords. (he writes)
• He communicates using a method similar to mimes and mimicking, which can be a hassle to him but he seem to like doing it. He’ll retreat to writing if the previous method fails.
• Claims that the steel wires he always brings around are his defensive weapon as well as his tool to work with puppets, despite the lack of the actual puppet.
• He aims to perfect his skill in puppetry by first finding the right material for his puppet. He believes VOID city might have his long-sought material.

He seems to be a good person despite the rather unusual antics. There might be something behind these antics that he refuses to tell. But we’ve got no power to be able to look deeper into it. Hopefully he’s as good as how he presents himself.

-End of interview-


-Schumann Library Microfilm Archive-
-Newspaper section-

August 10, 19xx


Five bodies identified to be students of Radillo Puppetry Academy were found within the campus. Witnesses have reported that the bodies were stored in an unused storeroom in a poor state. Police reports stated that the bodies were covered with strange, linear bruises as if they had been tied up with strings. Further investigation reveals that all of the identified bodies were once part of the same class in the academy.
The headmaster was not available for interview upon the issue despite the current crisis’ effects on the academy’s reputation. Investigators have suspected that this case might have relation to the deceased students’ reputation as bullies. The vice headmaster has denied the suspicion stating that all of their students are well behaved. This statement however contradicted the fact that they gave a permit of withdrawal to one of their best students not too long after this case has surfaced. No apparent reason was stated otherwise. The bodies have been delivered to their respective families after the autopsy.

-End of archive-


Creator’s notes:

• You might feel confused with the difference of clothing shown in design sheet and intro. Let’s just say SP wears his ‘hunting’ clothes in the design sheet, while in the intro he’s wearing his casual clothes.
• What SP does night and day differs. Not that he’ll tell you tho..
• SP prefers casual clothing for daily wear, especially light colored long-sleeve shirts.
• He still has his face under that mask. Please notify me if you plan to have him unmasked and then we can discuss about it.
• If you have any question about this guy, anything, ask me/pm me/mail me/whatever. I don’t bite.. Well.. I kick.

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