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Dr. Ethos thumbnail  Gender: male
 Height: 5.11
 Created: May 21, 2009
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Name: Dr. Isaac Ethos

Age: 32

Powers/skills: photographic memory, super strength, Speed and Agility, auto-repair/upgrade feature, 4G, Light Menipulation.

Interests/hobbies: Math, Robotics, Genetic engineering, but generally any kind of Super science

Very intelligent, though with a somewhat warped since of morality, Isaac wants to achieve great things with his science. So shortly after arriving in void city Isaac decides to cure it of its crime and violence. After a few failed attempts Isaac finds that the only solution to its problems is a hero and so he sets out to get firsthand experience on what it’ll take to make the hero that Void city needs.



Ethos became the World's first Human Robot after taking "The Marvelous Marval" in a match with Flint Locke. In his new robot body, those things that were nessesary for humans, such as eating and sleeping, have now become optional. Ethos has gained the ability to connect his mind to the internet, giving him access to all the worlds knowledge.
In addition, Ethos' new form has given him increased speed strength and agility, although he still is not used to his new found strength. Lastly In place of his streching power, Ethos has developed a new Light Menipulation Feature "L.M.F." which he installed himself, this gives him the ability to create halograms, and forcefields.

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