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Blake thumbnail  Gender: male
 Height: 5'10''
 Created: May 4, 2009
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When Blake was 12 years old he was chosen to be one of the participants in a rather cruel psychological experiment known as "the prison experiment". It was a renewal of a test done in the 70s, but this time it became real. In the experiment two groups of healthy young people were put in a prison, one of the groups being "guards" and the other "prisoners". Within five days the situation had got terrible: the guards were using ruthless violence on the prisoners who instead started a rebellion. The scientists let it go on until there was only five prisoners alive. Blake was one of them.

Blake's bad luck didn't end there. The scientists wanted to get rid of the five boys, so they decided to give them new treatment: first brainwash the kids and then rebuild their minds and give them completely new identities. After almost nine years the scientists considered Blake to be fine enough to be sent to Void City to start his new life. They just didn't know he still remembers parts of the experiment and the treatment.

Nowdays Blake spends most of his time in a little shack on a roof top, working as a mechanic whenever someone needs one. So most of the time he's just fixing old toasters and micro wave ovens. He doesn't know anything about the other four survivors and doesn't care to find out.

Other things:
Whole name: Blake Harte
Age: 21 years
Special abilities/talents: He's a good mechanic.
Personality: Even after everything he's been through Blake is rather sane. He's trying to keep his life as normal as is possible. Of course all the ugly things he remembers from his past do bother him and give him a bit of a cynical view i life and people. All the LSD and ect also damaged his brain a bit, which causes him occasional problems with his memory and understanding feelings. But he's really trying to be a nice guy.

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