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Ayumi thumbnail  Gender: Female
 Height: 5'2''
 Created: Prior to recording
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Name - Ayumi Hondo
Height/Weight - 5'2'' 110 lbs (10 lbs belongs to the leg)
Age - 22
Loves - sex, scary movies and kittens
Hates - vampires, gerbils
Hobbies - drinking, watching the history channel, crosswords,

Personality - Ayumi is an extrovert with a frank disposition. She is honest to a fault, and can come across as being extremely harsh. Her emotions have the tendency to be very erratic. In other words, her emotions flip flop from content to enraged or devastated at the drop of a dime, and she displays her emotions rather vividly. For the most part she's very difficult to deal with, but on the positive side her honesty has resulted in her being very trustworthy and faithful. She is amazingly good at keeping secrets and keeping promises, but she's an awful liar.

The Now - Ayumi is no longer residing in VEE district (it blew up). Romantically involved with the notoriously destructive James Warsaw. She is currently in jail being interrogated after being caught by the VCPD at a major furry sanctuary take down.

History - Ayumi is originally from the big east. Her father is a high profile thug with a specialty in bladed weapons, and her mom is a quiet homemaker. As a result of her father's questionable career choice, Ayumi grew up in a family that was considered socially outcast. She has been exposed to the dredges of society since she was little. Despite all this, she never felt resentment towards her father, instead she grew to disdain ordinary people.

Ayumi began aspiring to learn her father's craft at an early age. When she reached highschool level she started taking small jobs from local crime lords in secret. These jobs were usually just delivering messages and participating in minor larceny. Her father eventually caught her, but instead of reprimanding her he began to train her. The more she trained the more she became obsessed with the gangs of VC. She dreamed of leaving the Big East, joining a VC gang and gaining the reputation of a hot shot fighter. Eventually, Ayumi left her home for VC at 18. She is still very close with her father.

Attributes - Ayumi's natural attributes are her speed and agility. She has gained a good amount of strength to compensate for her artificial leg. Her physical attacks can inflict much more damage than before losing the leg. Her specialty lies in bladed weapons like her father. He trained her to be especially adept at knives and katanas. She also has a general knowledge of basic arms and hand to hand combat. She's a crack shot with her 13-shot

if you want to read more of this crap =P I made a tridimensional character sheet in here http://entervoid.com/forum/index.php?topic=7724.msg114003#msg114003

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