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Chousenshi Hafnion thumbnail  Gender: Female
 Height: 165cm
 Created: January 25, 2009
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Hafnion is, or rather was, a Metal Hero. She was assigned to guard of Sector Sigma 9 by her mentor, a job she excelled in. Those under her protection adored her, those out to disturb the fragile peace, feared her above all others. But evil is the shadow of good. And in the shadows, arose the Great Beast Emperor. The Emperor launched a massive attack all over Sigma 9 and Halfion knew she needed help. To her plea, came a space faring group of Super Sentai, Go-Galaxus. Together, they brought the Emperor's campaign to a screeching halt.

Facing the Emperor together, they slew the master of evil, Hafnion delivering the final blow. Grateful for her help, Go-Galaxion made her a honorary member of the team. To seal this partnership, she received a Galaxus Coin of her very own which she kept with her at all times. But it would prove to be her undoing. The Galaxus Spirit was not compatible with her alien powers. It slowly grew more and more frustrated and thus, more powerful. Until, in the end, it possessed her.

It was not evil nor good, it simply lacked a proper master. Death and destruction flowed in it's wake. It was only a matter of time until it noticed VOID City, and the large amount of Super Sentai and Riders present there..

- - - -

With her untimely death, the Great Beast Emperor's brother, the Dark Oni King, found himself robbed of his last chance to exact horrible penance upon the means to his late brother's doom, Hafnion. But he has ways that reach beyond the veil of death, and he will not be denied his vengeance.

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