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W-Warriors thumbnail  Gender: team
 Height: Unknown
 Created: January 25, 2009
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Mr W from House of W (Worltex) had a vision of new even occurring in Void. He's chosen 3 from his guards to participate in it. The vision was unclear and he doesn't know what to expect to happen - the only thing he'd found out was that it all involves superheros in costumes.
After their death they roamed the city of Void after they were resurrected as Zombies durring Month of the Dead.

Red Warrior - Team Leader
Real name: Cassandra Blair
Appearance: 176 cm, 72 kg,
Character: impulsive, easy to make angry, but also calms down quickly
Powers: agility above average, can deal big damage with her blade weapon (e.g. smash walls)
Special Attack: Thuder Blade! (shockwave made with her blade)

Green Warrior
Real name: Kuna Wild
Appearance: 150cm, 50 kg, mouse furry, red hair and freckles, big green eyes
Character: silent and shy, except when attracted by shiny things (makes her eyes sparkle),
Powers: can move with super speed for short periods of time
Special Attack: Rain of Snakes! (multiple attack with whip at super speed)

Blue Warrior
Real name: Steven Rosomack
Appearance: 200 cm, 500 kg, Black (blueish) hair, blue eyes, always wears lether jacket
Character: he ONLY talks about how awesome he is
Powers: super strength, very hard skin (impenetrable by normal bullets),
Special Attack: Awesome Combo! (fighting using his superhuman strength)

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