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Lovely Sekkou thumbnail  Gender: Female
 Height: 5'9"
 Created: January 25, 2009
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(If I get into the tourney, I guess I'll have to make this not lame.)

Adrienne is a nice lady, a little unlucky in love, and generally unextraordinary. She was happy going to college and taking care of her little sister while her father worked late. Her mother died shortly after Bianca, her sister, was born.

After she caught her last boyfriend cheating on her with her ex-bff, a mysterious man approached her with the opportunity to serve that ass some sweet justice and to save other girls from suffering the same fate. Heartbroken and mad as hell, she accepted and recieved her very own all singing, all dancing heart pendant. Giving her the power to become one of the Lovely Scouts, Adrienne is able to fight those that threaten true love and bring justice to those who commit crimes of the heart. That ex-boyfriend won't be hurting anymore girls now that he's had a change of heart and only likes big burly men! Working for the mystery man, known to her as Eros, she fights the commercial mastermind St. Valentine, the evil schemings of Overlord Godiva and his chocolateers, and that bitch Venus.

Cupid's Touch: She can knock some sense into a disaster of a boyfriend or a stupid girlfriend, even if it means breaking their nose! It doesn't need to be that forceful, but sometimes a good backhand is the only way to through to people.

PewPewLoveLaser: Provided she's wearing her gloves, she can shoot a short blast from her finger tip to take out attackers that won't take no for an answer. NO MEANS NO!

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