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Nemutai Tenshi thumbnail  Gender: Male
 Height: 5'9"
 Created: January 25, 2009
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A gifted fighter and leader, Tenshi has always been a great protector of justice. But he's always had one major problem.... he's a narcoleptic.

His power belt has a dial that ranges from 1 to 8. Each setting (besides 1) activates various powers within the suit that not only harm others, but harm Tenshi himself as well, to keep him awake and attentive, and give him a very good reason to finish a battle quick. Such powers include being set on fire, producing electricity, etc.

The orbs circling Tenshi are connected to his belt, and are key in causing the dial effects.

Tenshi fights for justice not because he has a strong sense of justice, but because he wants people's admiration. He loves saving the day in front of a large crowd of people, and especially on video.

Dial 1: Off (no effect)
Dial 2: Supa Shocker (body produces electricity)
Dial 3: Volcano Blitz (body goes up in flames)
Dial 4: Zero Ice (Body drops to severe cold temperatures)
Dial 5: Porcupine Sonata (quills shoot out of his body)
Dial 6: Razor Top (Body spins at high speeds. The orbs flatten out into small blades)
Dial 7: Firecracker (Every 10 seconds, Tenshi's body will cause a mini explosion)
Dial 8: Black Hole Cataclysm (Tenshi's body produces a mini black hole, sucking anything nearby into it. it crushes Tenshi's body in the process. Using this technique more than once a week could easily destroy Tenshi)

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