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Pandora & Potemnkin thumbnail  Gender: Female/Male
 Height: 5'4/5'6
 Created: May 9, 2008
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Pandora Caramia
Age: 25
Occupation: Head Technician/Owner of PanPot Pharmaceuticals and “amateur” medical surgeon.

Pandora is the proprietor of PanPot Pharmaceuticals and Urgent Care. As a pharmacy technician she is knowledgeable of the latest medicines and is often studying up on current medical and surgical breakthroughs.

While passionate about serving the sick and ailing, she can also be very hot-headed, stubborn, and maniacal to those whom she can’t tolerate. (mainly with clients that can’t comprehend social etiquette and common sense. )

Pandora also has a penchant for playing mad scientist with various chemicals and DNA samples, combining compounds to create lethal toxins of unusual nature. If someone should get on her bad side, they may end up being used as a test subject. (With the exception of children and the elderly. She will never lay a violent hand on them. )

As a former gang member, she still can defend herself in combat with her battle mallet if need be.

LIKES: Victorian male fashion, feminine men, British comedies, and fruity/chocolate alcoholic beverages

DISLIKES: Grandma’s phone calls, manipulative and self-absorbed people, cigarettes.

Name: Potemnkin Miron
Age: 26
Occupation: Pharmacy Technician at PanPot Pharmaceuticals

Potemnkin is Pandora's platonic 'better half' and assistant of PanPot Pharmaceuticals. Unlike his wily partner, he's a friendly guy and likes to handle most situations peaceably.

He is constantly in a hunched position with his mouth hanging open. His eyes are always darting every which way, but align when he's in a state of shock or surprise. He has severe ‘speech impediment’ and can only communicate in grunts, yelps, and growls. Somehow people can still understand his point of view.

Although he likes to avoid combat, Potemnkin is pretty handy with a Winchester shotgun. He has an unusual skill in which he can point the gun at a completely different angle and still hit his target without fail.

LIKES: Piano playing (plays at local bars and clubs on his free nights), tap dancing, baking, and reading classical literature.

DISLIKES: Pandora’s outbursts, sudden loud noises, abuse towards women, and illegal narcotics.

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