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Fish Tank thumbnail  Gender: Male (Seymour)
 Height: 3 inches (Seymour)
 Created: April 10, 2008
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Seymour was an ordinary goldfish living in an ordinary house with an ordinary family. Seymour led a happy life, has been fed well, and was very well taken care of.

Until.............. day, he was flushed down the toilet down to the sewers of Void City, where he discovered how polluted the water is. It wasn't until later that he realized that the humans were responsible for this mess, and throughout his entire life he was trapped in this so-called "paradise" away from the truth that lies before him. Seymour begun to snap and grew a strong dislike to the humans up to the point of wasting them all to extinction. So to do so, Seymour swam all the way to VC's military base and stole a M1 Abrams battle tank that was to be transported to Iraq in two days. He killed thousands of soldiers and destroyed the entire base with it. Now he's thirsty for human blood and trusts no one. He will run over or even blast his way through people that crosses his path, fearing the chaos that goes by the name "FISH TANK!".

Rumors were going around that Seymour paid a good amount of money to a technician to upgrade the tank to the fish's liking, including the giant fish bowl that goes on top of the tank with functions and everything in it. After the installation was complete, Fish Tank blew up the guy afterwards.

Another urban legend going around the streets of Void tells of an epic battle between Fish Tank and the Riot Bus. This event actually did happen, and Fish Tank won.

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