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Stranger thumbnail  Gender: n/a
 Height: 5'7" -variabl
 Created: February 21, 2008
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The Stranger is the minion of a vast cosmic being on another plain of reality. This benign godthing has decided to catalogue and classify everything. Absolutely everything and everyone. In order to accomplish that before the end of time, this shadowy figure uses things like the Stranger. Observing a plant or a building is no sweat, but to test a fighter, you send another fighter to coax out their full potential. That's where the Stranger comes in. He's the best of the best from Dimension X. The plan is to work it's way up to the top fighter to- determine who the top fighter is. The big problem is that Void City is much more that the Stranger is expecting and suddenly he might not be the biggest fish in the sea.

sex: n/a
-height 5' 7"
-weight ??
-the cloak is a tear-resistant material with minute sensors woven in, giving Stranger's masters a detailed POV of any fights. The interior uses light bending technology to keep the Stranger concealed. No matter how bright it is, it's always dark under the cloak.
-The mask (it's a mask) is firmly attached to the cloak, material unknown. The eyespot might be used for seeing, though the Stranger does not need it to see.
-the only part of the Stranger itself that are actually seen are it's Obelisk Limbs, which are metallic (unknown 'living' alloy) and 6 inches wide on a side. These limbs can emerge rigid or flexible, extend a maximum of 20 feet, and the limit is 17 including the two 'arms'.

The Stranger is completely alien, completely inhuman. It's a steadfast worker, almost devoid of personality. Not having any social graces or innate respect for anything in our dimension, it picks it's targets and bluntly confronts them. Preferably in isolation to reduce the number of variables that will determine the outcome of a fight, though not really patient. The Stranger is resigned to it's lot in life. Working for uberbeings makes it kind of hard to quit, not that it has other aspirations. It's always been a fighter, so while "content" is too strong a feeling, it's not complaining. Being used to a position of total authority as an evaluator, Void City makes the Stranger uncomfortable because that degree of separation is gone. Nevertheless, it has a mission...

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