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Aidan and Kieran thumbnail  Gender: Female/Male
 Height: 5 ft/ 1 ft - 9ft
 Created: February 20, 2008
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Aidan(denounced her last name, but would use "Dusagro"):
Age - 15
Height - 5 ft
Race: Dusagro born into a human body.
Usually bad mouth or short tempered, Aidan is a special case. She runs away and comes to Void in search of getting stronger by Kieran's command. She's only heard stories of great battles and strong fighters from Kieran and hopes to find someone to help her. Of course, this doesn't mean that she's serious about it as she still looks for trouble, free runs(parkour), and touches anything that looks like it's meant to do something(like machinery and the like).

Age - Unknown
Height - 1 ft normal/ 9 ft Beast form
A fire spirit that was once Aidan's heart. He's like Aidan in every way except knows where his priorities stands in helping her get stronger without his help. He would help her if it wasn't for the factor of him being an escapee from Hell and if a lot of power is used, he will be found out. The only thing he can do is to make sure she stays out of much trouble as possible.

In fights:

Aidan's fight stance: Muy Tai(best way to visualize how she stands when her claws are out)
Offense/defense: Defense
Fight style: Aikido and Parkour(not really a fight style, more like to help in her search of getting stronger)
About claws:
(1)They don't tear out of her skin. There's microscopic fibers that keeps the slits in the skin attached where the claws come through(the slits aren't visible from afar). If the slits are damaged in any way she cannot retract them and will gradually get a fever.
(2)She cannot lift the claws on her own at this point and time. In order for her to be able to lift them, Kieran must transfer his energy to her which is only when she's angry.
(3)If the claws come out without Kieran's energy, it's normally used for short term defense.

Kieran's fight stance: None
Offense/defense: Offense
About using his energy:
(1) If Kieran transfers his energy to Aidan, it can only be done in his normal form. Energy is Visible outside of his body while transferring but not around Aidan.
(2)Once energy is transfered, Kieran cannot turn into his beast form.
(3)He has to be touching Aidan in order to have his energy transfer.

Extra stuff:

Aidan isn't book smart nor can she read. She's also Kinesthetic, having to hold, touch or take apart something in order to know how it works. She's androgynous and a tomboy, so any clothing that is boy related and baggy she would wear unless in the comfort of her own home(where no one can see her). Though no matter what, she ALWAYS wears a hat to hide her horns.

Kieran is immune to fire and would become deathly ill if he gets wet(droplets of water doesn't count). In his normal, small form, he can only say "Kwi" along with growls, hisses, and grunts and Aidan understands every word he says. Kieran can breath fire, but it takes a lot of energy to do it so he only uses it under dire circumstances.

Aidan and Kieran speak the same exact languages(meaning if one knows English, the other does automatically). The only languages they know is English and the Dusagro language which is derived from the demon language, but just like different dialects, certain words mean certain things.

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