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Slaughterface thumbnail  Gender: Male
 Height: 9'9
 Created: February 18, 2008
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Slaughterface Q. Saskatchewan

Place Of Birth: The Woods
Height: 9'9 (But He's Always Slouching)
Weight: Pleasantly Plump
Likes: Granola
Dislikes: Society, Technology, & People
Favorite Song (When Asked): Locomotive Breath by Jethro Tull
Favorite Song (In All Actuality): Dancing Queen by ABBA
Collects: Rotary Connection Albums. Now, Scalps As Well

He Didn't Come To Void City. Void City Came to Him!
Up Until Quite Recently, Slaughterface (Originally Known As Stefan) Led A Very Peaceful Existence Up In The Woods, Chilling In His Camper, Listening To NPR, & Communing With Nature. One Night He Went To Bed In The Woods, & The Next Morning, He Awoke In A Bustling Metropolis. Turns Out That The Constant Battles Taking Place In Void City Have Led To A Great Deal Of Expansion & Relocation; Expansion & Relocation Encrouching On This Sasquatch's Natural Environment.
Confused & Out Of His Element, Stefan Went Beserk & Killed 13 & Half People That First Day (One Was A Cyborg). He Then Legally Changed His Name From Stefan To Slaughterface (Leading To The Deaths of 18 More Down At City Hall) & Moved His Camper To A Convenience Store Parking Lot (Killing 3 More). Since Then, This Militant Man-Ape Has Been Striking Anyone He Runs Into On The Streets Of Void City, Holding Them Responsible, As A Resident Of The City. So Be Mindful To Steer Clear Unless You Don't Happen To Mind Being Completely Brutalized By A Bigfoot.
He is also the Founding Member & President Of The Sasquatine Reclamation Front, A Militia Of 32 Other Beleaguered & Displaced Sasquatches. So Far, They Only Have A Newsletter & Couple Of Letter Writing Campaigns To Their Credit. However, Their True Goal Is To Overthrow The City In Order To Reclaim Their Territory.

Slaughterface, for the majority of his life, has been laidback to the point of almost being comatose. In general, he's like a hippy isolationist, so lax that the most of the time, he looks as though he's got his eyes shut (but he's really just a squinter). However, whenever technology or people are brought into the equation, he starts to gradually become more & more uneasy, sweating bullets & trying to practice restraint until he becomes a wild animal & starts ripping things up. Feral & brutal!
He speaks mostly in a series of grunts, huffs, & hums. However, if you can engage him in conversation, he's well read & sophisticated, almost to the point it becomes annoying. Think Cave Guy From Freakazoid.

Powers, Abilities, Other Details:
Slaughterface Is A Sasquatch, & Has All Of The Innate & Inherent Abilities Of A Sasquatch, including...
-Stronger Than Your Average Human. Can Lift Roughly 3 Tons On A Good Day; Much More When He's Flying Off The Handle
-Thick, Unkempt, Matted Fur Is So Dense, It Seems To Have Woven Itself Into An Almost Kevlar Material, Rendering Him Bulletproof, Bombproof, & Very Warm In The Winter
-When He's Angry, Slaughterface Is Unstoppable. Strength, Speed, Agility, & Durabilty All Increase To Almost Immeasurable Degrees Until Fatigue Starts To Set In
-Though Fairly Hygenic, His Body Produces Its Own Natural Musk, That Gets Trapped & Ferments In His Fur. Can Be Powerful Enough To Render Opponents Unconscious
-He Can Even Telepathically Control 9 Out Of 10 Fuzzy Woodland Creatures; Like Aquaman Controls Fish
-Natural Night Vision, He Can See Perfectly In The Dark

Signature Move: Gigantopithuplex - After flooring an opponent (preferably facing upward), Slaughterface will grab them by the ankles. He will then swing them into his left shoulder with a smash, then do the same on the right. Then with a final swing, he will swing & wrap the opponent around the back of his neck & fall back onto them like a Samoan Drop.

Weapons & Resources At His Disposal:
-Has A Chain & Hook Wrapped Around His Left Arm That Could Be Used As A Weapon (Think Kratos, Only One-Handed), Or As A Grappling Hook
-His Fur Acts, At Times, As A Portal To Hammerspace, Allowing Him To Draw Random Objects He May Need In A Pinch

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