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OCM and Jinney thumbnail  Gender: Male/Girl
 Height: 5'8/4
 Created: September 21, 2007
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In our world there those things that are unexplained, one of those the sudden mutation of a human being the next level of evolution, the link to the future. . .
OCM (One Clearmorning) Is one of then, with the gift of changing any matel to anything thet he desires. . .

Name: One Clearmorning
Age: 21
Former Location: Manila City, Philippines
Current Location:

Ability: able to mold and manipulate metal to anything he desire
Weapon of Choice: Umbrella (why well a little bit sentimantal)

Some background:
One had spent almost whole of his life on an orphanage, and then soon found out that he has has a gift a gift other human being doesent have. He is an undergrad of Fine arts were he had made a good use of his ability, One is good on sculpting.sometimes big smuggling syndicates hire him to forge ancient relics, the money he earns for this job was donated to orphanage were he come from. He also work as a cash register operator in a 24/7 convenience store. He also works on a notorious hired assassins called ORPANS, were the members of this group are like him, people who posses GIFT, unique abilities. On his last assignment going to New York the crashes on a place called Void City.

Name: Jinney Mara
Age: 14
Former Location: Cebu City, Philippines
Current Location: Void City
Ability: Able to sense a gifted human.

Some background
An ordinary teen having a rich dad given everything she wants but not a spoiled bratt, shes a sweet friendly and jolly kid. On a business trip of his dad to new your the plane suddenly crash, fortunately One was there to save her, but her dad died on th crash.

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