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Cydney thumbnail  Gender: Male
 Height: 5'7
 Created: September 16, 2007
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Has a third eye named Quill unerneath the patch. This gives him his power.
Patch: covers Quill (the third eye). Cydney doesnt like people to see it (he can be a little superficial at times), and it helps to control Quills mind-power over Cydney a little. The patch is the same patch, but changes pictures on a day to day basis. Quickly, .

Cydney's abilities without the use of Quill: he's quick, can fall off of hights without hurting himself much, and is good at street fighting since he used to be in a gang (but is also lazy so would rather just ignore trouble then run away or face it)
Cydney's abilities with use of Quill: without the patch on his head, Cydney succums to Quill, loses control of his mind and answers only to Quill. He can use his blood as a weapon, by controlling it through open cuts on his body (ex. whips n such.) The cuts will heal themselves in a few days. Also, Quill can use the colors Black and Orange as a weapon (only when the colors are together, not separate) so he loves halloween, and always wants Cydney to wear black and orange clothing in case of emergency.

Quill can sometimes lose control of Cydneys mind in battle, and if Cydney is feeling symethetic for their target, he will resist Quills attempts to hurt others. If in complete shadows Quill cannot usehis shadow as a weapon, cuz he cant see it :) Quill is sensitive to light, and cannot see target wery well, or at all in high lighted area, so he mostly has to rely on Cydney for sight (which isnt very reliable, since this means he has to give cydney some control over his body, and Cydney is lazy) Cydney tries to hang on to his humanity, which in itself is a weakness to Quill and Mr. Cicero.
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Cydneys personality: He loves Peach Tea, he likes to hear a good joke, but cant tell one, he's very flirtatious(with almost everyone) open with his body and smiles a lot. He's lazy most of the time, and pretty nice, but also un-intentionally rude. He gets mad easilly,and before he died, he developed a little of a bloodlust, but just tries to brush it off with a smile. He would much rather ignore a problem then fight or run away, and he attempts to drill holes in his apartment to spy on the neighbors. Cydney also is constantly trying to dodge out of paying rent, and tries his best to hide the fact that he's a closet-freak :O

He has two objects in his apartment that talk to him (mostly because he thinks he hears them:/ )
Spice-the orange and black stuffed panda, and Cydney's alarm clock (nameless) Other people don't hear them talk.
Cyd left home at age thirteen to join "The Smilers," a notorious, but small, organization in which he rapidly moved up the ranks. Soon, Cydney was second in command under who he concidered to be a brother, Vidal. One night, Vidal and Cydney were caught alone by rivals, Order of the Black Ribbon, in which Cydney was separated from Vidal and murdered therafter. Cydney soon woke up on an operation table with a splitting headache. Mr. Cicero is the man who brought Cydney back from death, and implanted Quill (the third eye) into his forehead, making Cydney Quills new host body. Cydney doesn't like being Mr. Cicero's go-to-guy for assasinations and such, and when he thinks about his situation too much he depresses himself. The more that time goes on, the more Cydney regrets choosing life over death,and one day, his ultimate goal is to find out exactly why Mr. Cicero has him do such horrible things, Where Vidal is, and how to get rid of Quill, so he can finally just rest in peace.

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